Latest News: Thursday, August 27 2015 - Merchants, Food & Drink pages updated, and Press Release.

2015 Des Moines Renaissance Faire XIII

In 2015, we are celebrating ten years at Festival Park (though this is actually the 13th festival)! Learn more about this event, including what entertainment, shopping and food you can expect at this year's festival.

Des Moines Ren Faire 2013
(Labor Day Monday at the 2013 Des Moines Renaissance Faire.)

2015 Weekends:

2015 Pricing and Discounts

A full day (10 a.m to 6 p.m.), rain or shine! If the forecast just looks drizzly, we will entertain you all day long in our various covered stage locations.
Tickets On Sale
Buy tickets online
via credit card. (Ticket sales at the front gate are cash only. ATM available.)
Under 5 FREE
Ages 5-12 $8
Prices Include Tax:
Adult One Day Pass $16
Adult Two Day Pass $25 (Good for admission on any two days of the festival.)
7-Day Season Pass $40
Parking $1 per vehicle.
Group discounts Contact Mary at 515-262-4100 to get your coupon code.
All shows Included in price of admission!

But why pay full price? Group discounts are available, and coupons will be available at area Casey's General Stores. Check our front page postings or Facebook for the latest news.

NOTE: Prices and event details subject to change at the front gate. Your image (photos, video) may be captured while at the faire, and may be used for future promotion in ads, posters, etc.

See also: Tickets and Discounts


Feel free to e-mail us with any questions, or call Sleepy Hollow Sports Park at (515) 262-4100.

Thursday, August 27 2015

8:10 PM - Merchants, Food & Drink pages updated, and Press Release. (posted by Webmaster)
The merchant listing and food listing has been updated for 2015, with more still to be added. The 2015 press release is also now available.

Tuesday, August 25 2015

11:20 AM - A quick look at our villagers... (posted by Webmaster)
Just in from the producer ... here is a list of some of the villagers that will be roaming the lanes this season. The Entertainment page will be updated soon with this list. (Unless otherwise noted, they will be there all three weekends.)

1. The Forking Queen - various delightful children's activities
2. Faerie Queen Titania - empress of numerous faeries, elves and treehouse fun
3. Blue Rose Mermaid - wondrous creature in her villa pool, gifts and photo ops
4. Have Court Will Travel - royals and nobles meet and greet
5. The Jester King - not a pauper, not a peasant but a royal among jesters
6. Robin Hood - Sherwood's honorary citizen and giver of gifts to children
7. Evengard Improv - commedia dell'arte (wk #3)
8. Albrecht von Aachen - master of minstrels
9. Zachary the Cannoneer - fire in the hole!
10. William & Blackjack - dizzying display of dancing sticks
11. Grendle - life-sized puppet creature from the Hidden Forest (wk #2)
12. Mad McCrakken Brothers - insult golf or your game is insulting (wk #2)
13. Jaden Drake - yeoman and defender of the castle or part time Scotsman
14. The Marty Show - one man street theater from Tribal Circus (wk #2 & #3)
15. Pirate Merlyn - strolling magician and hand tricks (wk #3)
16. Gregorio D'Medici - gate greeter and distant cousin to the Medici fortune
17. Capt. Billy Rogers - gate greeter and lost seafarer (#3)
18. Pirate Malcolm - a lad gone badde (#3)
19. Capt. J.P. Boyd - an annoying legendary pirate (#3)
20. Lionel Wafer - commedia dell'arte and other various sundries (#3)
21. The Cossack - Ivan the Terrible's 2nd cousin (#3)
22. Pickle Cart Man - the man with the pickle cart
23. Lord Mayor Giovanni - wooher of women and keeper of the gate
24. Nasira & Company - frolicking wilderness gypsy dancers
25. Twins d'Pontier - gate greeters, larks and masters of the jest
26. Master Lee d'Trash - trolling for trash or that last turkey leg
27. Lady Addilay & Lord Gauwyn - visiting nobles and fyne friends
28. Robert the Orcke - minstrel of mayhem, songs of delight
29. Plague Doctor - still just practicing the medical arts
30. Killian the Foole - he knows folly, he knows fables, he has no job
31. ROGO - manly juggling, fire, whips, wenches and . . . .
32. Siren Stefanie d'Flute - minstrel of the nuptials
33. Athren the Red - mercenary for hire and insult artist

Monday, August 24 2015

1:21 PM - Ready for more fair(e) food? (posted by Webmaster)
Some of the confirmed food merchants this year include:

1. Humphries Concessions - fresh-squeezed lemonade, king's corn dogs, queen's funnel cakes
2. Bud's Root Beer - also cream soda and collector bottles
3. EataBuncha Nuts - cinnamon roasted nuts & mini donuts
4. Royal Kettle Corn - classic kettle korn & saxon snow cones
5. Tuscany Wine Villa - Van Wijk Winery w/ drinks or bottles
6. Pirate Mike's Pickle Cart - whole dill pickles
7. Ye Olde Pizza Pies - pizza (slice or whole), pizza pockets
8. A Celtic Tradition - pre-packaged Scottish treats (weekend #2 only)

Now all we need is a $12 beer and $10 parking... (That's a joke.)

Saturday, August 22 2015

9:02 PM - 2015 entertainment list posted. (posted by Webmaster)
The Entertainment page has been updated with a list of some of the acts you can expect to find on the seven stages of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire this year. Also, you will find on the main page that the weekend themes will remain the popular ones from the past few years: Knights & Royals, Highlanders & Lucky Lasses, and Pirates & Wenches.

Two weeks to go!

Monday, August 17 2015

1:42 PM - Discount coupons at area Casey's General Stores (posted by Webmaster)
Casey's will be distributing our discount coupons to all their area stores. As soon as we have confirmation that they are being put out, we will post an update here and on the Facebook page.

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