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October 2006

Sunday, October 15 2006

11:15 AM - More Festival Park progress... (posted by Webmaster)
Festival Park continues to evolve. The castle wall mural keeps getting more detailed. Various "characters" are now painted in, including a jouster on horseback (who has a remarkable resemblance to one of the actual jousters from opening weekend). There are also jugglers and other townspeople to be found -- almost like a "Where's Waldo?" game. Several more characters are penciled in ready to be painted.

Meanwhile, over at Sir David's Wild Game, new signs are up (wooden and painted, replacing the temporary paper/printed signs used during the festival). Several other merchants have expanded their signage and booth decorations during the Pumpkin Fest (going on the first three weekends in October). The Pumpkin Fest has also created a whole new theme for Festival Park with orange decorations, corn stalks and other Fall colors throughout the village. Seeing tons of Halloween themed inflatables and banners is quite a different look for the village of Canterbury

If you've ever wanted to see Festival Park at night (without being escorted out by Des Moines or Pleasant Hill police for trespassing!), the Halloween "Scream Park" event will be going on Thursday-Sunday the final two weekends of October. The "Terror Trail of London" haunted forest walk starts out across the river in the woods (with werewolves), then crosses over the bridge and enters High Street of Canterbury (complete with a few scares, lighting effects, sounds, and sometimes even the London fog - very different!). Guests (victims?) then turn right and head down towards the "Fields of Screams" corn maze, encountering Jack the Ripper and one of his victims. The corn maze itself is full of anywhere from a few to "many" special guests ready to make you change your mind about entering. (During the day, the corn maze may be safely explored -- for free -- at the Pumpkin Festival.) After finding their way out, visitors then walk through the Pirate's Cove area for one (or two... or three) more encounters before exiting and returning back across the bridge.

It's been quite fun to lurk in the darkness and watch visitor reactions as they first approach Canterbury and wonder aloud "what's this?" or "when did they build this?" Indeed, it's a very big set for a haunted house.

So, join us with the kids (no worries, the Lumberjack show and tavern will keep the grownups entertained too) during the day for the Pumpkin Fest (one more weekend after today!), or at night for the "do it all for $19" Haunted events -- two haunted houses plus a "rat sewer crawl" (now built in to one of the houses, but skippable for those who can't handle 200 feet of crawling. There's also the haunted forest walk, plus the corn maze, and a hayrack ride (with the story of The Headless Horsemen told as it beings you from stop to stop before journeying up through the woods of Sleepy Hollow) and, at last, a stop for marshmallow roasting.

There's even a blood covered trailer selling hot cocoa and snacks out near the haunted houses... Fun time for the brave. And a great value (it took us just under three hours to get through everything this past Saturday night).

Advice: They can only run so many people through at night, and Saturday the 14th they sold out by 8:30pm! They start selling tickets as early as 6pm, so show up early if you want to experience it. They expect many sell out nights the rest of the season. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 3 2006

7:36 AM - And in other October news: Halloween TV Ads (posted by Webmaster)
For some reason, there are many renaissance festivals in our region (Kansas City, Muskogee OK, Minnesota, etc.) that also do Halloween events. Sleepy Hollow Sports Park has been doing Halloween events for many years and has moved some of them in to Festival Park for this year (the new exapnded Haunted Forest Walk becomes the "Terror Trail of London"). More expansion is planned next year to move the haunted houses, etc. in to Festival Park as well. So, with that in mind, here are a few TV ads for current (and past) Scream Park events at Sleepy Hollow: