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February 2007

Tuesday, February 20 2007

11:26 AM - More photos! (posted by Webmaster)
Visit the Photos section of this site for another link to photos taken at the 2006 event. Kelly Chamberlain of Arkacy Photography has a selection of portraits posted.

Sunday, February 18 2007

7:43 PM - View thousands of photos taken opening year. (posted by Webmaster)
Visit the Photos page of this site for a link to a gallery with thousands of photos taken opening year (2006). If you've ever wanted to see how back rain "every day" can be to a brand new event, now is your chance.

And, if you have any online galleries of photos you took during your visit, contact the webmaster and he will put a link to your site on our Photos page.

Thursday, February 15 2007

10:42 PM - Festival Park in the snow... (posted by Webmaster)
Be sure to check out the front page of this site for a pretty photo of Festival Park's front gate in the snow. More to come...

Thursday, February 8 2007

10:49 AM - Video Journal #40 posted. (posted by Webmaster)
A short (2 minute) montage of renaissance festival scenes (taped on 9-16-2006) has been posted to the Videos/Podcast page. If you are subscribed to the free podcast feed (via iTunes or similar), you will already have downloaded it. Else, you can manually view it on YouTube at reduced quality (links on that videos page).