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April 2007

Friday, April 27 2007

3:57 PM - Expansion plans for 2007. (posted by Webmaster)
This is your friendly neighborhood renaissance festival webmaster here with some new news about this year's Des Moines Renaissance Faire. There are some expansion plans in the works for this season. It appears that public-use restrooms will be added (with toilets that flush, instead of blue boxes that don't). It is hoped that these will be in place in time for the June 30-July 1 "Wild West Music Fest" to be held at Festival Park. (You can visit for details on this event.)

Next, four new merchant shops are scheduled to be constructed. Any outside merchant interested in becoming part of this event should contact Rick at Sleepy Hollow about construction timelines. One of those four buildings may be available to a new merchant, but others may have to wait until the 2008 season.

Also, the rains of this past weekend created a number of closed streets in Des Moines due to flooding, and even one area in town evacuated due to water level threats. Festival Park saw water up to the base of the Sleepy Hollow Sports Park bridge, but fortunately it looks like the Village of Canterbury didn't go floating away.

More updates and details soon. The weekend themes for 2008 will also be posted to the site soon. Check back, or, better yet, sign up to the mailing list to get notifications from time to time.