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June 2007

Tuesday, June 26 2007

11:20 PM - Des Moines Ren Faire folks at Valley West Mall (posted by Webmaster)
This past Saturday, our royal court, Have Court Will Travel, and Captain J.P. Boyd of the Pirate Comedy Show, made an appearance at the local Valley West Mall for the grand opening of their new renaissance themed play area. It features a castle entrance, knight, moat, treasure chest, dragon in a cave, wizard, and many other "soft" props for young kids to play on.

Then, this past Tuesday night for "Family Night,", J.P. and one of our tavern servers, Diandra, roamed around for a few hours. We hope to do many more public appearances like this over the next two months leading up to the festival.

Many updates coming soon, including photos, new video journals, and the 2007 entertainment lineup! Stay tuned...

And see you this weekend at the Wild West Music Fest if you are so inclined.

Sunday, June 24 2007

10:48 PM - Main street and misc. construction update. (posted by Webmaster)
As of this past weekend, the main street (and many other buildings) have now had their lower sections completed and installed. No more buildings that look like they are on stilts. (Long time followers of this project will know that this is by design; the bottom panels are removeable in case another '93-style flood happens. The panels can be removed so water can rush through the site easier instead of knocking buildings down.)

In addition, most all of the doorways now have doors installed. Some are functional doors, while other are security doors that will be completely removed during festival hours. Even the main gate columns now have doors installed and lower panels.

Landscaping has continued, with dozens of trees planted and much work on various flower beds and new greenery. It should look much different this year compared to last year.

If you want to take a sneak peak at the progres, you can always come out to the Wild West Music Fest this weekend (June 30-July 1). Using a discount coupon from Hy-Vee, you will be able to attend for as little as $8 (Sunday price with coupon) and see what Festival Park looks like two months before the renaissance festival. To learn more about this event, visit (Note a $1 parking fee applies, and a full weekend pass is $20 if you don't have a coupon, or just $15 for Saturday or $10 for Sunday with no coupon. But you can find a Hy-Vee on your way, right?)

Here's the new TV commercial:

Thursday, June 21 2007

9:58 PM - Wild West fun at Ren Faire site the weekend of June 30-July 1, 2007! (posted by Webmaster)
This website will start seeing major updates for the 2007 season the first part of July. In the meantime, here's a chance for you to visit the home of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire ("Festival Park") next weekend!

The weekend of June 30st and July 1st will be the Wild West Music Fest - a fun music themed event. It will feature "wild west" characters, and our own jousting troupe, Joust Evolution, doing shootouts and western fistfights. There will also be 10+ bands playing live both days, and many of our normal crafters open (and new ones on Main Street). Food shops will be open (and a few new outside ones added) and we'll have our tavern (now a saloon) serving beer and other drinks. Summerset Winery will even be there!

The hours will be 11-9 on Saturday (with a small firework show that night) and 11-6 on Sunday. You can learn more at or check out the full page ad in Cityview (or watch TV ads on Mediacom or hear radio ads). At least, we hope you see/hear/read them! Just in case, here's the TV ad... Ya'll come now, ya hear?

Tuesday, June 12 2007

6:32 PM - Restrooms and more under construction! (posted by Webmaster)
The machinery has moved back in to Festival Park. The first work on the new public restrooms has started, with the framework for the new men's and women's bathroom now up.

Ground clearing has begun on a new five-unit building (similar to the ones on main street) which will reside at the end of the lane that runs down towards the corn field (past the Summerset Winery and Dragon Mine locations).

The main street and other buildings will have the rest of the work on their lower levels started soon as well.

Look for video journals coming soon! In the meantime, here an odd video of cowboys at Festival Park (it's the folks doing the Wild West Music Fest out there having fun on a TV commercial shoot).