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June 2010

Wednesday, June 9 2010

5:45 PM - Weekend themes for 2010 announced! (posted by Webmaster)
This year's weekend themes has been announced:

September 4-5-6 - 'KNIGHTS, BARBARIANS & HEROES'
The opening weekend of the 8th annual Des Moines Renaissance Faire brings Canterbury-on-Sherwood to life with knights in shining armor, warriors from ages past and the classic legends from stories of European lore. All ages will appreciate the full immersion into our wide variety of shows, exhibits, demonstrations and hands-on experiences. Cross the bridged moat into a land of enchantment.

September 11-12 - 'SCOTS, BRITONS & IRISH'
From the Highland Champions and their heavy lifting games to the archers of Sherwood Forest, the land of faerie tales and pre-American history (Great Britain) brings us entertainment, food and merchants from afar. Be thee Scot, Welsh, Cornish, Irish, Briton, English, leprechaun, elfin, faery, Shakespearian or are simply intrigued by these lively cultures this weekend was created for lasting memories and the pleasure of all.

The Queen's Navy sails the high seas yet docks at the Canterbury River only to find freebooters of all sorts, both historical and fantasy. From Capt. Morgan to Capt. Hook and from sailing wenches to treehouse faeries this is the weekend for all things of sea legend. Landlubbers beware as our castle town gets invaded by delightful characters from lands as near as the Caribbe and as far as Persia - thanks to the Prince sending us his exotic dancers and bladesmen.