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June 2011

Monday, June 20 2011

5:12 PM - Welcome back, Econolodge! (posted by Webmaster)
Returning once again as an official lodging sponsor of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire is the Econolodge right down the road on 30th! We are glad to have them back!

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Fairgrounds
410 E 30th St
Des Moines, IA 50317
(515) 262-2525

Thursday, June 16 2011

5:17 PM - BSA/Scouts at the DMRF (posted by Webmaster)
Her is a list of what Scouts would get out of a weekend immersion program at the DM Renfaire: (Not all of these are "hands-on" activities.)

1. Blacksmithing/metal crafting
2. Pewter utensil making
3. Glass-blowing w/ live kiln
4. Chain-maille making
5. Medallion making
6. Archery
7. Leather crafting
8. Woodworking/cooper-smithing
9. Fabric dyeing
10. Open Fire cooking
11. Weapon Making
12. Calligraphy
13. Garment making/costuming
14. Foil fencing
15. Medieval camping/folkways
16. Theater Arts
17. Country folk dancing
18. Pottery/ceramic utensil making
19. Music performance
20. Soap making
21. Knighthood & chivalry skills
22. Silver smithing
23. Fabric weaving
24. Heraldry designing
25. Martial Arts

Contact Mary at Sleepy Hollow for more information (515-262-4100).

Sunday, June 12 2011

2:51 PM - Updates for 2011... (posted by Webmaster)
The first of many website updates for 2011 has begun. The Lodging page has been refreshed for this year, and the weekend dates have been posted. There will be ongoing updates leading up to the Labor Day Weekend opening of this year's event. If you use Facebook or Twitter, be sure to Like/Follow us accordingly (see the links in the "scroll" menu on the left of every page of this site, under Social Networking).