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July 2007

Monday, July 30 2007

7:24 PM - More website updates... (posted by Webmaster)
Some more technical updates have been done to the website, including a spiffy new "scroll" navigation menu on the left of every page. Please let me know if it doesn't look proper on your system (and tell me what system -- PC, Mac, etc. -- and web browser you are using).

Saturday, July 28 2007

11:55 AM - Performer spotlights. (posted by Webmaster)
Check out the Entertainment page for the latest updates, including a weekly performer spotlight of one of our acts or characters.

11:54 AM - Merchant page updated. (posted by Webmaster)
The merchant ("Shopping") page has been updated. During the hectic construction schedule of last year, we never got around to listing all of the buildings going up. Now most of them should be listed, except for the five new merchants being added for this year. Also, the visiting merchants on Main Street will be listed as we get the details from them on how they want to be listed, etc.). So click on the Shopping link and check it out.

We will also be featuring a Merchant Spotlight each week leading up to the event. This week's merchant: The Scots Dragon!

Friday, July 27 2007

9:52 PM - Welcome, Faire & Fowl Gifts (makers of "HUZZAH!" ren faire game). (posted by Webmaster)
Faire & Fowl Gifts will be joining the Des Moines Ren Faire as one of the visiting merchants. In addition to offering puzzles, ink, quill pins, calligraphy desk art and exotic feather creations, they also are creators (and exclusive vendor) of the "HUZZAH!" renaissance festival scavenger hunt game. This game comes with a play board and tiles. The tiles, similar to those found in a Scrabble-type game, have words on them like "bodice" or "turkey leg." Players compete to fill up a row based on items they "see" at the festival. It's great fun and a very unique game. (And there are even expansion packs of tiles available.) This will be their first appearance at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire.

Wednesday, July 25 2007

7:55 PM - Website updates for 2007 (posted by Webmaster)
The first round of updates for 2007 have been done to the website. Minor changes have been made to navigation, and ticket prices have been posted for this year. Also, a new event Press Release for this year has been posted. Much more to come...

Saturday, July 21 2007

1:17 PM - Welcome, Christina's pirate tales, Potter's House demos (posted by Webmaster)
The Entertainment page continues to see updates, which will only increase in coming weeks as the event date draws near. Christina the Capable will be telling pirate tales for tots, and Festival Park merchant, The Potter's House, is adding a new demonstration to their booth offering this season. Keep watching the site for the latest updates.

Friday, July 13 2007

4:20 PM - Welcome, Sara Antion and the McCrakken Brothers. (posted by Webmaster)
The Des Moines Renaissance Faire welcome Sara Antion. She will be doing silk painting demonstrations all three weekends in our Guild Hall. Also, the McCrakken Brothers. They will be hosting the "Mad Scotsman's Golf Challenge

Thursday, July 12 2007

4:36 PM - The return of Sauboo the War Troll... (posted by Webmaster)
One a very familiar "face" at Iowa area festivals, the beloved Sauboo the War Troll has been off hiding under a bridge somewhere for much of the past few years. Those who remember Salisbury Fair will no doubt recall this grey "eater of bad children" cracking his 20 foot whip.

Sauboo will be coming out from under the bridge (and hiding under ours) for the September 8-9 "Vikings, Knights & Bravehearts" weekend as well as the September 15-16 "Romance, Wine & Revelry" weekend. (Perhaps the troll is not a big fan of pirates; opening weekend a salty pirate crew will be taking over bridge duty.)

You have been warned!

Saturday, July 7 2007

1:42 PM - 2007 Entertainment SNEAK PEAK! (posted by Webmaster)
Check out the "Entertainment" link for a sneak peak at the acts, demonstrators, characters and living history groups that will be joining us this year for the expanded Des Moines Renaissance Faire. The list will continue to grow over the next seven weeks leading up to event opening, and the schedule grid will be made available in late August.