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July 2008

Friday, July 25 2008

5:26 PM - (from 2008) DMRF Acting Workshops: August 3rd, August 22nd 2008 (posted by Webmaster)
The next two acting/training/orientation workshops--for merchants, performers, newbie volunteers and auditionees--for the DES MOINES RENAISSANCE FAIRE will be August 3rd (sunday) and August 22nd (friday). Both are set for 5:30pm in the Feasting Hall at the festival site, just behind Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. Leave your vehicle up front by the Sleepy Hollow buildings and walk (between the batting cages and Go-Kart track) to the south end of that open field. There you will see the big steel brown bridge leading into Festival Park (Canterbury-on-Sherwood).

This will be a shorter session than the first one with probably fewer people. All are welcome, even if you attended the first session. This should be mostly new stuff. If we haven't met, yet, make sure you get a one-on-one with me before you leave that night. Just in case - I'll have a sign-up sheet there in order to get ALL of your contact info & comments/questions.

This is going to be the biggest cast, the largest attendance and the best presented festival grounds that we've had, so far. We are all excited about taking the Faire to the next level WITH YOUR HELP. So, the more training that inhibited merchants and actors get == the better.

If you can help get posters and flyers out (in August) in your neighborhood, place of business, school or organization please let me know at greg at with a cc to mxknkl at

See you soon,

Gregory Schmidt
aka Sir William Rogers

Wednesday, July 23 2008

9:19 PM - Weekend 3 entertainment, first look. (posted by Webmaster)
1. Joust Evolution - 3 shows
2. Have Court Will Travel royalty - various appearances & shows
3. Wrapsody aerialist - 4 shows
4. Medieval & Renaissance Society on-going living history
5. King Oberon's Faerie Court - 2 shows
6. Ariana & Firemoon faeries - 3 shows
7. Predators of the Sea - 4 shows
8. The Horsemen Mud Show - 3 shows
9. Orckes & Trolles - 6 shows
10.William & Blackjack dragon stories - 4 shows
11.The Horsemen commedia del'arte - street theater
12.Glastonbury Revelers - 3 shows
13.*Westside Re-enactors - 2 shows
14.Tavern Wenches of Canterbury - 4 shows
15.*Sir Fish & Squire Chipps "Bedlam" - 1 show
16.*Amazing Budabi Brothers comedy jugglers - 4 shows
17.Songstress Susan Teller - 4 shows
18.*Darren Raleigh celtic harpist - 2 shows
19.*Vexing Vixens - 2 shows
20.Highland Rope-makers - on-going demo
21.Greywolf blacksmith - on-going demo
22.Forking Queen -- street theater
23.*The Three Musketeers & Cyrano d'Bergerac - 4 shows
24. Charles of Charlatan -- street theater

*new show

Saturday, July 19 2008

5:41 PM - Weekend 2, sneak peak. (posted by Webmaster)
The Entertainment page has been updated, somewhat, listing the main acts for opening weekend. And now, here is a sneak peak at some of those for weekend 2:

1. Joust Evolution - 3 shows
2. Des Moines SCA, Living History Camp -- 3 battles
3. Willie's Wenches, spoofing Shakespeare - 4 show
4. Predators of the Sea - 4 shows
5. The Horsemen's Mud Show - 3 shows
6. Wrapsody aerial show - 3 shows
7. Have Court Will Travel royalty - - 6 shows
8. King Oberon's Faerie Court on-going
9. William & Black jack dragon stories 4 shows
10. Glastonbury Revelers - 3 shows
11. The Horesmen Commedia del'arte strolling
12. Tavern Wenches of Canterbury
13. Ariana & Firemoon faeries - 3 shows
14. Lady Carol's Puppets - 3 shows
15. Molly & the Tinker pub band - 5 shows
16. Darren Raleigh celtic harpist on-going
17. Highland Games demo with Kenneth Stewart (2-time West Coast Champion)
18. Songstress Susan Teller - 4 shows
19. The Vexing Vixens
20. Highland Rope-makers on-going
21. Bagpiper Douglas of Raymond on-going
22. Greywolf Blacksmith on-going
23. Skjaldborg Vikings 3 battles
24. The Forking Queen on-going street theater
25. Merlyn the Magician - 5 shows
26. McCrakken Brother's Mad Scotsmen Golf Challenge on-going
27. Creative Fusion Dance Company - 3 shows
28. Sir Fish & Squire Chipps "Bedlam" - 1 show
29. Flute minstrels Stephanie d'flute & Kim l'England strolling

Thursday, July 17 2008

6:33 AM - Weekend 1 entertainment (posted by Webmaster)
The initial list of entertainment for opening weekend (Labor Day Weekend) will include the following acts:

1. Joust Evolution 3 shows
2. Brotherhood of Steel (living history camp) 3 shows
3. Scurvvy Dawgs 4 shows
4. Kojokan Samurai (living history camp) 4 shows
5. Predators of the Sea 4 shows
6. The Horsemen Mud Show 3 shows
7. The Great Manzini 4 shows
8. Have Court Will Travel 6 shows
9. William & Blackjack's Dragon Stories 4 shows
10. Ariana of Balinor & Firemoon children's dance 3 shows
11. The Horsemen village characters (strolling)
12. Lady Victoria d'Violin 4 shows
13. Sir Fish & Squire Chips "Bedlam" show 1 show
14. Lady Carol's Puppets 3 shows
15. Duo flute minstrels - Stephanie & Kim (strolling)
16. Tavern Wenches of Canterbury 4 shows
17. Kids With Fire 4 shows
18. Songstress Susan Teller 4 shows
19. Orckes & Trolles 6 shows
20. Vexing Vixens 2 shows
21. Highland Rope-makers (on-going demo)
22. Greywolf Blacksmith (on-going demo)
23. Forking Queen (on-going street act)

The Entertainment section of this website will be updated shortly with further details.

Sunday, July 13 2008

5:46 PM - A Royal Wedding Invitation (posted by Webmaster)
Have Court, Will Travel, our "resident royals" will be reigning again this year. All are invited to the Royal Wedding between our widowed Queen Catherine and her dashing suitor Ned Seymour, who, after the ceremony will rule as Good King Edward. Who says romance can't be funny? Royal Court shows include: Renaissance Weapons, Renaissance Fashion (our version of Project Runway), a Children's Knighting & Lady in Waiting Ceremony and Renaissance Dancing. Arrive early and stay late to take in their explosive Opening Gate ceremony and a swashbuckling sword show prior to the Closing Gate festivities. Our Royal Court provides a full day of entertainment, all by themselves!

Saturday, July 12 2008

1:11 PM - Website updates for 2008. (posted by Webmaster)
The website has been updated for 2008, though some items (entertainment, cast, etc.) are still coming soon. Ticket prices, dates and times, etc. should now reflect the 2008 season. If you find any errors, please report them to the webmaster so we can promptly fix them. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 9 2008

9:28 PM - Character Workshop/Auditions - THIS SATURDAY (July 12th) (posted by Webmaster)
This saturday (July 12th) starting at 1pm in the Feasting Hall at the festival site {Festival Park - "Canterbury-on-Sherwood"} we will be holding the first orientation meeting for new volunteers, apprentice actors, developing village characters, and act auditions. The location is behind Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, which is at 4051 Dean Avenue. Park at the Sports Park and walk back between the batting cages and Go-Cart track (to the south) to find the large brown steel bridge to the festival site. The Feasting Hall is the large open-air shelterhouse-type of structure facing you from the center of the grounds after you enter the front gates.

This is basically a workshop on getting many more of our shy and reserved participants "up to speed" on inter-acting with the public. Part of the session will be a basic 'Welcome & Introduction' -- part will be a workshop on costuming & character development -- part will be a fun theater games experience -- and part will be a 'Questions & Answers'. The final portion of the session (2:30 to 3:00pm) will be spent allowing new acts or solo performers to audition for possible stage shows or major village character roles.

It is imperative that everyone attending fill out the Sign-Up Sheet with ALL of your contact information. It is also requested that you inform us if you have any specific talents, goals or interests in getting involved.

*There might be another workshop session in August (date not yet set). If you are interested in participating in the Renaissance faire, this year, and wanted to attend another workshop or can't get to this one - -PLEASE stay in contact with Gregory Schmidt at or Tel. #641-357-5177.

Saturday, July 5 2008

2:04 PM - June 29th Stage Combat Workshop recap (photos soon). (posted by Webmaster)
Congratulations to the individuals who participated in the Stage Combat Workshop on June 29th! The day started out cloudy with the possibility of rain, but ended up being sunny and warm, a perfect day to work outside. The workshop students were an enthusiastic bunch and quickly progressed from training weapons to working with live steel blades. By the end of the day a few students were working with longsword blades and bucklers (small shields). If there other interested individuals who missed the workshop, keep checking the website for anouncements on the possibility of a another stage combat workshop.