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July 2010

Wednesday, July 7 2010

11:34 PM - Raw footage from 2009... (posted by Webmaster)
At closing gate in 2009, we gathered some visitors together to help with with some silliness that might end up in a TV commercial for 2010. Here is an unedited look at what they did...

5:14 PM - Newton Daily News mentions DMRF (posted by Webmaster)
Yesterday, the Newton Daily News carried an article about this year's Des Moines Renaissance Faire. You can check it out on the Publicity page of this site.

Sunday, July 4 2010

3:49 PM - "Five Years - Our Short History" (posted by Webmaster)
Huzzah! Welcome patrons and playtrons to the fifth year at Iowa's newest theme park, Canterbury-on-Sherwood. Even though
this is the eighth DES MOINES RENAISSANCE FAIRE, it marks a full hand of years that we are home at "festival park" hidden behind Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. That's right - hidden. When folks first pass through the wall of trees and over the troll bridge and then lay eyes on our re-created merry olde English castle town (including one of the largest castles in the Midwest) they are bowled over to the point of verbal exclamations.

If you haven't been out to one of our September weekends to see this remarkable physical spectacle of 35 shops, 10 stages, a Sherwood Forest living history realm, a pirate cove with the ship beached on sand, archery range, gaming stalls, children's realm play area & stage, faerie treehouse, jousting arena, castle torture chamber, food shop row, feasting hall, and all the splendid landscaping -- then be mindful this is only part of the total experience.

The other part is the wide array of professional acts and solo performers who come in from all over the U.S. With each weekend having its own theme, we can dress the stages and lanes of the village with a variety of period entertainment.

Then add all of the exhibiting demonstrators with the numerous artisan merchants, and you'll see why so many people are buying the season pass or coming each weekend.

Now is the time to start planning for one of the most memorable experiences you'll have in Des Moines in 2010. Start
by looking at

Gregory Wm. Schmidt
aka Sir William Rogers