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August 2006

Thursday, August 31 2006

11:54 PM - Photos from 8/29, 8/30 and 8/31 added to gallery. (posted by Webmaster)
As the title says, a few new photos have been added to the gallery.

11:14 PM - Vidcast #33 posted (8/30). (posted by Webmaster)
The latest video journal has been posted. It contains three more interviews and more construction updates.

8:52 PM - Entertainment schedule updated. (posted by Webmaster)
The entertainment schedule has been posted to the Entertainment page (version 2, updated again tonight). As always, be sure to check the entertainment listing you receive at the festival this weekend for any last minute changes.

1:46 PM - Des Moines Register Datebook! Juice up next! (posted by Webmaster)
Our Sheriff of Nottingham, Troy Rutter, notified us that we are in this week's Datebook. Snag a copy today, or at least read the article online.

And, the Des Moines Juice publication will be visiting the faire on Saturday, so show up if you want to have a chance at being in a photo in an upcoming issue of Juice!

11:28 AM - Rain or shine! Seriously! (posted by Webmaster)
The Des Moines Renaissance Faire is a "permanent" event held at the new Festival Park. It is a "rain or shine" event. One of the big differences between a permanent event location like Festival Park and all the "soft" tent based events held in Iowa in the past is: shelter! The banquet hall and other locations (such as merchant shops) all offer protection from the sun on hot days, and rain on wet days.

While the current weather forecast shows the potential for rain this weekend (pending on what hurricane Ernesto does), we will be out at Festival Park "rain or shine" and the merchants will be happy to invite you in to browse and shop even if it's drizzling outside.

The walkways through the village are gravel (not just dirt or wood chips) and they've been holding up just fine during the past few rainy days. (Anyone who's been to some of the other events in the region on rainy days know how awful dirt and woodchip walkways are. Our gravel walkways should make things much nicer here in Iowa.)

We will post updates to this page regularly (and we even have the ability to post a note here "live" from Festival Park) so keep checking for the latest updates, and we'll see you at the faire! (And, since the event runs three weekends with three different batches of entertainment, we hope you will join us for more than one visit. "Rain or shine!")

(P.S. - It's not the WOI-TV weatherman's fault if it rains. We were just there for an interview this morning and he's a really nice guy!)

7:10 AM - Video Journal 32 (8/29) posted! (posted by Webmaster)
The latest video journal has been posted. It includes interviews with merchants Dragon Mine and Off With Your Bread, as well as another talk with sword guild leader Dale and puppet theater/street character Don Rothweiler. Those of you paying attention may wonder "Where is #31?" Episode 31 (Part 2 of the Royal Reception coverage) was put together but the audio quality needs to be improved before it gets posted.

Wednesday, August 30 2006

11:23 PM - Entertainment Update! (Schedule prototype!) (posted by Webmaster)
First, one more item was added to the Entertainment listing today. And, for those who understand IT IS STILL BEING WORKED ON AND MAY CHANGE, a prototype of the entertainment schedule is now available.

But, we are still making changes so what you get handed at the festival may be slightly different. The Royalty schedule, joust, and demonstrations will probably be the same though.

So, if you understand this is still a work-in-progress schedule (it goes to print on Thursday, so unless we find any errors, this should be pretty close), you can click here to check it out.

10:28 AM - DMRF on the cover of Cityview. (posted by Webmaster)
Check out this week's Cityview cover. The Des Moines Renaissance Faire is featured. Snag a copy this week!

We will also be making an appearance on WOI-TV (Channel 5) on Thursday, September 1st, around 11:45 a.m. Set your TiVos!

Tuesday, August 29 2006

7:30 AM - Come hear "Cappamore" at the Des Moines Ren Faire on Sep 16-17. (posted by Webmaster)
A brand new group makes its official debut at a brand new faire site, when Cappamore appears at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire for its third and final weekend, September 16 and 17, 2006. The event will be held at Festival Park, located behind Sleepy Hollow Sports Park near the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

Cappamore is a new group with a long history. Brian Leo and Jesse Linder have worked together in various projects over the years. Most recently, folks in the Midwest would recognize them as two-thirds of Tipplerís Way, where they entertained crowds at the Kansas City Renaissance Faire, the Bristol Renaissance Faire, and elsewhere. Jesse and Brian still enjoy working together, and Cappamore was born as a result.

Joining the boys is T.J. Hull, fiddler and multi-instrumentalist from the Milwaukee area. T.J. has performed with some of the best-known performers in the Renaissance faire circuit, and now he joins Cappamore.

Ren faire enthusiasts throughout Iowa have been looking forward to the opening of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire, with its permanent site and managementís long history of successful shows in the area. This event has a great lineup of talent, and Cappamore is proud to be a part of the festivities.

The trio will be playing the pub stage, and they guarantee a weekend of high-energy tunes, pub songs, sea shanties, and comedy. Their goal is to introduce you to some your new favorite songs, and they hope that you will join them there.

Monday, August 28 2006

6:03 PM - Etnertainment and Lodging pages updated. (posted by Webmaster)
A few nearby RV/Camgrounds have been added to the Lodging page, and the Entertainment page has been updated with a partial list of our cast members and demonstrators. The Weddings page is also now listing some of the weddings to be held at Festival Park this season.

Sunday, August 27 2006

11:15 PM - Video Journal #29 posted. (posted by Webmaster)
A new video journal has been posted. It contains interviews with merchants Viking Pavilion, Crepes and Cream, Rangs and Thangs, Sir David's Wild Game, and others. Check it out on the Videos page.

There seems to have been a small problem with the video podcast feed. If you are downloading the videos that way, please check your list. You may have missed a few items. They should all be loading now. Please le me (webmaster) know if they are not.

3:08 PM - Photo gallery updates. (posted by Webmaster)
All of the photos taken at our Iowa State Fair booth are online. We may be missing a few from the first weekend, but everything that was could download has now been posted. The entire gallery was regenerated a few days ago, and now each photo will link (just click it) to the full sized version. The first few days were all blurry, before we started using the camera flash. Check them out if you stopped by and had your photo taken.

Even President Lincoln dropped by!

Although the Des Moines Renaissance Faire won't be as much of a trip back in time for him as it is for all of us, we sure hope he stops by.

12:14 AM - Photos from 8/26 now available (including Governor's Banquet). (posted by Webmaster)
Saturday, August 28th, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held out at Festival Park. Former Iowa Governor Robert D. Ray was onhand to do the honors, along with many other notable members of the community (as well as our sponsors!). Photos taken today (construction status, and the banquet) are now being added to the site. The banquet photos are not captioned (there are nearly 200 of them) but they should give you some idea of what all went on.

Six days to opening, folks!

Saturday, August 26 2006

12:03 PM - Video journal #28 posted. (posted by Webmaster)
One of the last video journals before Festival Park opens has now been posted to the podcast feed and

Friday, August 25 2006

10:18 PM - More photos (State Fair and Construction). (posted by Webmaster)
The photo galleries are currently being regenerated and reposted. This will include the final two days of the Iowa State Fair photos, and construction photos from 8/25. They should all be up by Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, August 24 2006

11:48 PM - Construction photos updated (8/22 and 8/24). (posted by Webmaster)
A new batch of progress photos has been posted, showing some of the final Festival Park details being completed as we get within the final two weeks before opening.

Wednesday, August 23 2006

9:06 AM - Sneak peek at new TV Ads posted. (posted by Webmaster)
Although a few more changes will still be done before they air, you can take a sneak peek at several new TV commercials for the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. Three new 30 second ads can be found in the "Publicity / TV Ads" section of this site. Each ad focuses on a different weekend (Pirates, Celtic, and Romance). The currently airing teaser ads (pirate themed) will be rotated out as these new ads are ready.

We've heard from a number of folks who caught the ad around 6:30am on KCCI this week. If you've seen it, please let us know (contact the webmaster) what channel and approximate time (or during what show) you saw it. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 22 2006

7:32 AM - Photos from 8/20 posted. (posted by Webmaster)
A new batch of photos taken on Sunday, August 20th, have been posted to the Photo Gallery. They show the latest construction progress (including a nearly completed castle front) as well as a few pictures from the two-day Renaissance Faire Acadamy that was held over the weekend. This Academy was offered for street performers and merchants and covered topics such as Language, Costuming, and Audience Interaction. Next year, a much more comprehensive set of courses will be offered covering many more topics as we grow out local cast of performers. (If interested, visit the festival this year and let us know you want to be part of future shows; there are also opportunities to help out at other park events such as the Pumpkin Fest this October.)

Monday, August 21 2006

9:57 PM - Videos fixed; map and ticket details updated. (posted by Webmaster)
The video journal playlist has been repaired (I think) so check it out for the latest videos and TV commercials.

A new map/directions page has been added with links to a number of online mapping services to help you plot your course to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

9:29 PM - Video journals #26 and #27 posted, and new TV ad. (posted by Webmaster)
Video journals #25 andx #26 (which features an interview with architect Al Cook) have been posted to both the podcast feed and A new playlist will be coming soon, so check the Podcast/Video page soon to watch it (or just go to and search for "des moines renaissnace faire").

The "hopefully final" version of the 2nd TV commercial has also been posted to Take a look, and let us know when you see it on TV.

1:49 PM - Map and other website updates coming soon. (posted by Webmaster)
A few days ago, a few more entries were added to the Entertainment page. There may still be a few more last minute additions.

Thanks to some website visitors, a few more updates need to be done, including clarifying ticket prices for children (under 6 free, children is under 12) and adding a detailed map to the location. In the meantime, you can also find Ren Faire details (with these details) on the one-page Ren Faire site at the website.

Thanks for letting us know about missing bits here - we'll keep adding!

Sunday, August 20 2006

9:47 PM - Video Journals at messed up; podcast works. (posted by Webmaster) is having some problems with the video playlists, so if you want to watch the videos, either go to directly and search for "des moines renaissance faire vidcast" or check out the direct feed. The direct feed lets you download the real videos, in the original QuickTime format (the ones at are greatly compressed and reduced in quality, but they will play in a web browser without needing QuickTime).

So, if you want to download and play any of the videos, you can check out:

If you have iTunes, you can subscribe and get new videos when they are posted. Just go to the Advanced menu and select "Subscribe to Podcast..." then enter in that address. Or, simply go into the iTunes Music Store and search for "des moines renaissance faire".

Saturday, August 19 2006

11:33 PM - State Fair photos updated. (posted by Webmaster)
We have posted a new batch of photos taken at our Iowa State Fair booth. The dates may be off, so if you can't find your pic, check some of the other days. There may be many stray photos. If you find a pic, and you would like the full-size version e-mailed to you, please contact our webmaster and tell him which photo it is (copy/paste in the web URL to the photo you want, or at least give him the day/photo name).

Friday, August 18 2006

12:14 PM - Video Journal #25 posted. (posted by Webmaster)
A new video journal using footage taped on August 12th has been posted to both the podcast feed and the playlist. Also, a prototype of our second TV commercial has been posted to (but it will change a few more times before going to the TV stations next week). A third commercial may be recorded this coming Tuesday. Drop the webmaster a note if you'd like to be an extra and get a preview site tour.

12:11 PM - Welcome, Quality Inn & Suites on Merle Hay! (posted by Webmaster)
The Quality Inn & Suites on Merle Hay Rd. is the latest area hotel to offer us a special rate for renaissance festival visitors:

Quality Inn & Suites
4995 Merle Hay Rd.
Des Moines, IA 50325
(515) 278-2381

$59 for one bed, and $64 for two beds.

They will soon be added to out Lodging page. Please check it out if you are looking for hotels during your visit.

Wednesday, August 16 2006

4:56 PM - Have a pint with 3 Pints Gone at the DMRF! (posted by Webmaster)
3 Pints Gone plays Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties at bars, Celtic fairs and events around the United States. Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements. They entertain by telling stories through the songs, that leave the audience feeling like old friends.

Come join 3 Pints Gone in a round (of music, and/or drink!) during the second weekend -- Kilts, Celts and Competitions -- at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire.

Monday, August 14 2006

9:32 PM - Photos from Iowa State Faire booth. (posted by Webmaster)
We have now uploaded several batches of photos taken at our Varied Industries booth at the Iowa State Faire. The dates may not be correct (the camera's clock seems to reset when we change the batteries), so if you don't see your photo(s), check one of the other directories. Apologies for the blurriness of some of them - we need to start using the flash more. Check out the Photo Gallery link to find them.

Saturday, August 12 2006

8:11 PM - State Fair photo section added. (posted by Webmaster)
In the Photo Gallery you can now find the pictures we are taking at our booth at the Iowa State Faire. If you come by the Varied Industries Building, you can get your picture taken with a costumed character, or just with our drawbridge photo backdrop. The pictures will be posted to the website within a few days (if all goes as planned). Photos from Thursday and Friday are now online.

Friday, August 11 2006

9:34 PM - DMRF at the Iowa State Fair Varied Industries Building. (posted by Webmaster)
If you make it out to the Iowa State Fair this year, be sure to drop by the Varied Industries Building (booth 538 at the very end of row 500) and find our "Castle" display. Some volunteers will be around to answer questions about the events at Festival Park, as well as pose for pictures. There should be two costumed characters around throughout the day.

Also, a new Publicity page has been added to this website.

You can follow links to the most recent Des Moines Register newspaper article about the event (8/9/2006):

More to come...

5:29 PM - Four more acts added to entertainment page. (posted by Webmaster)
Check out the Entertainment page for the latest additions, with more still to be added.

Also, a complete list of merchants will be coming soon.

5:24 PM - TV Commercial begins airing, and Merchant Rental update. (posted by Webmaster)
First, the first piratey TV Commercial for the Des Moines Renaissance Faire will begin airing as follows:

August 14 - KCCI and KIOA
August 16 - Various cable channels.
August 21 - WHO

If you see it, drop us a note and let us know what channel and show you were watching at the time. Thanks! (You can see this ad online via our Videos/Podcast feed, or in the player.)

Second, merchants who aren't able to pay for a building at Festival Park but still want to try it out have a few options. There are a few shops on Main Street at the DMRF still for rent for Sept. 9-10th, 16-17th and for the three Oct. weekends. The Sept. renters need to be Medieval/Renaissance cratfers/artisans and the Oct. renters could be generic crafters. If interested, call Greg at 641-357-5177 (or try out at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park at 515-262-4100).


5:12 PM - Welcome, Settle Inn (Altoona) and Hampton Inn (Fluer). (posted by Webmaster)
We'd like to welcome two more hotel sponsors:

Hampton Inn Of Des Moines
(515) 287-7300
5001 Fleur Dr
Des Moines, IA (6.6 miles)
Notes: Call for details and mention the faire.

Settle Inn
(515) 967-7888
2101 Adventureland Dr
Altoona, IA (5.3 miles)
Notes: Offering a rate of $79/night for ren visitors.

Monday, August 7 2006

5:27 PM - Thank you, Holiday Inn Downtown (posted by Webmaster)
Newly added to our Lodging page is this downtown hotel (4.7 miles from the event) offering special room rates during the festival:

Holiday Inn Hotels Des Moines-Dwntn-Mercy Campus
(800) 470-3431
1050 6th Avenue
Des Moines, IA

September 2-4, special guest room rate of $63.00 plus tax
September 9-10 special guest room rate of $63.00 plus tax
September 16 and 17 special guest room rate of $79.95 plus tax

7:22 AM - Videos 21 and 22 posted, and photos coming soon. (posted by Webmaster)
Two more videos taken on 8/5/2006 have been posted, and about 150 new construction photos are being uploaded right now.

Thursday, August 3 2006

12:39 AM - Videos #19 and #20 posted (and photos, too!) (posted by Webmaster)
A few more dozen photos, taken on 8/1/2006, have been added to the gallery. Also, video journals #19 (site update with Rick Flatt) and #20 (sword fighter practice, interview with Robin Hood and the Sheriff) have also been made available in the podcast feed, and on

Tuesday, August 1 2006

12:52 PM - Governor's Royal Reception - August 26th (posted by Lynne)

This is an "invitation only" event being held for city and state dignitaries, along with sponsors and special guests, to dedicate Festival Park, the new permanent home of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. On Saturday evening, August 26th guests and media reps will witness former Governor Robert D. Ray cutting the ribbon as part of the evening's festivities. Local performers will share their talents, including the Glastonbury Revelers, Orkes and Trolls, the Forking Queen and Charles of Charlatan. A special swordfighting demonstration is being planned and festival vendors will provide the feast for the evening. Rick Flatt and Greg Schmidt will make the opening remarks and Don Rothwiler, as Martin Luther will bestow a blessing on Festival Park. Members of the festival's Royal Court will be in attendance, demonstrating renaissance dances. All in all, it looks to be a very special night.