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August 2007

Friday, August 31 2007

10:31 PM - More publicity... Cityview, Datebook, WHO TV Channel 13... (posted by Webmaster)
The Joust Evolution stunt team made the cover of this week's Des Moines Register Datebook. Cityview also features an impacting photo of last year's jousters as part of their weekly entertainment listing. And Saturday morning, around 9:25am, we'll have one of our characters down at WHO TV Channel 13 to speak about what's new for this year's event.

Thursday, August 30 2007

4:43 PM - Entertainment page updated. (posted by Webmaster)
Not sure what to expect from the Glastonbury Revelers, Scurvvy Dawgs, and other acts you'll see this weekend? Check out the Entertainment page for links to many of their websites. Also, links to a downloadable (and print-out-able) PDF file of the opening weekend entertainment schedule has now been posted.

See you at the faire!

Wednesday, August 29 2007

11:23 PM - Weekend 1 Entertainment Schedule (posted by Webmaster)
For those who can't wait until Saturday, there is a tentative schedule for weekend 1 available now:

Weekend 1 Schedule

It may still change a bit between now and Saturday morning (if more last minute entertainer requests come in; we try our best to please) but it should be fairly close.

9:35 AM - DM Juice (posted by Webmaster)
This week's DM Juice magazine ( has a half page color photo of two female sword fighting members of local act Predators of the Sea. Check Arturo Fernandez's "in focus" segment on page 19. Another photo appears on page 72 as part of their event listings.

Look for the August 29 issue with "Fall Fashion" on the cover.

Thanks, Art and DM Juice. (Art is the one who did the Juice video last year.)

Tuesday, August 28 2007

5:55 PM - This week's performer: 3 Pints Gone (posted by Webmaster)
3 Pints Gone was a real crowd pleaser last year, and they've been invited back for 2007. Check out the Entertainment page to learn more about them, as they are this week's performer spotlight.

5:54 PM - This week's merchant: Amos' Fabulous Foods (posted by Webmaster)
Check out the "Shopping" page for this week's merchant spotlight - Amos' Fabulous Foods. They're the ship shaped food building at the festival.

Monday, August 27 2007

7:31 PM - "As seen on TV!" (posted by Webmaster)
Have you caught the TV commercials? You can see them again on our Publicity page, including a few versions you may not see on broadcast TV.

Friday, August 24 2007

8:57 PM - Welcome, Best Western Des Moines North! (posted by Webmaster)
Another lodging sponsor for you to consider during your stay -- this one is right down the road from Merle Hay Mall:

Best Western Des Moines North
(515) 276-5411
5055 Merle Hay Road
Johnston, IA. 50131 (9.4 miles to faire site)
Notes: With a posted rate of 79.95.

Thursday, August 23 2007

10:52 PM - Cast list updated. (posted by Webmaster)
A few more villagers have been added to the Cast listing page. Also, the show guide is under production. Watch for tentative, work-in-progress schedules to be posted in the near future. (These may evolve and change leading up to publication, so it's always best to check right before the event, or double check with event handouts at the faire.)

Wednesday, August 22 2007

4:30 PM - Welcome, Settle Inn in Altoona! (posted by Webmaster)
Another lodging sponsor has been added to our Lodging page:

Settle Inn
(515) 967-7888
2101 Adventureland Dr
Altoona, IA

They were one of the "first year" hotel sponsors last year, and we welcome them back. They are just 5.3 miles from Festival Park, and near to Adventureland Park as well. Great location!

Tuesday, August 21 2007

5:31 PM - Merchant spotlight: The Potter's House (posted by Webmaster)
This week's merchant spotlight is The Potter's House, provider of the hand-made official festival ceramic mugs. See their information on the Shopping page.

5:30 PM - Performer spotlight: Danza Mystique (posted by Webmaster)
This week's performer spotlight (seen on the Entertainment page) is Des Moines' own Danza Mystique gypsy dancers.

5:25 PM - Publicity page updated... (posted by Webmaster)
The publicity page has been updating, giving details on some of the local TV/cable advertising, as well as some regional radio ads (plus other things).

5:17 PM - Almost 100 costumed characters.... (posted by Webmaster)
While I am told there is more to be added to the list, right now you can check out the new Cast page which features a listing of some of the costumed characters you may meet during your visit to the festival. Check out the link in the scroll navigation.

Sunday, August 19 2007

2:12 PM - TV ads set to start. Publicity page updated. (posted by Webmaster)
The Publicity page has been updated to contain links to four TV ads for this year. A few of these ads will start airing this week, and others didn't make the cut so we present them online.

Saturday, August 18 2007

6:04 PM - Press Release Updated. (posted by Webmaster)
The press release has been updated with new information and specific details about the 2007 season.

MEDIA/PRESS -- an electronic media kit which includes high resolution photos is available online. Please contact the webmaster for details.

Wednesday, August 15 2007

8:55 PM - 14+ new videos for 2007. (posted by Webmaster)
If you check the Podcast Videos page, you will find two new video series covering the Building of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire and video from the opening year of the event. Each video is only a few minutes long. These videos were created for display at the Jordan Creek Town Center information kiosk, but they have been uploaded to YouTube as well.

Tuesday, August 14 2007

11:27 PM - Coming soon to a mall near you... (posted by Webmaster)
The next time you are shopping at Jordan Creek Town Center (the largest mall in Iowa), swing by the food court area. Sleepy Hollow Sports Park now has an information kiosk there with a display for the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. On certain days (weekends) there will be renaissance or Sleepy Hollow staff hanging around too.

5:40 PM - Lodging deals updated! (posted by Webmaster)
The lodging page has been updated with a few special deals for 2007. Special thanks to the following hotels which also offered room deals last year (click the Lodging link for clickable maps to each hotel):

* Holiday Inn Hotels Des Moines-Dwntn-Mercy Campus
(800) 470-3431
1050 6th Avenue
Des Moines, IA (4.7)
Notes: When making reservations, ask for the renaissance faire rate.

Quality Inn
(515) 278-2381
4995 Merle Hay Rd
Des Moines, IA (9.3 miles)
Notes: Ren participants can get a $69 rate.

Hilton Garden Inn
(515) 223-0571
205 S 64th St
West Des Moines, IA (2.8 miles)
Notes: Ask about special rate.

5:11 PM - New spotlights: Three Wenches Coffee and character Charles of Charlatan (posted by Webmaster)
The Entertainment page and the Shopping page has been updated with this week's spotlight.

Saturday, August 11 2007

10:54 PM - Link to photo blog added. (posted by Webmaster)
A link to's Festival Park photo blog has been added to the "Photo Gallery" page.

10:51 PM -'s Festival Park construction photo blog. (posted by Webmaster)
If you'd like to take a peek at some of the construction progress at Festival Park, take a look at this photo blog:

Festival Park construction photo blog

It shows some of the current construction progress, and photos can be added "live" from the site, too. You can subscribe (if you have photo software like iPhoto on the Mac) and get new photos automatically when they are added. Watch for a similar photo blog during the event which will contain photos taken during the day and uploaded via an iPhone.

12:58 PM - Zombie movie being filmed at Festival Park (posted by Webmaster)
An independent movie, "Project Zombie", is being filmed this weekend at Festival Park (home of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire). Tonight, the "meteor" sequence will take place, using the sand area near the crossing bridge for a cemetery and canoeing scene. This is all in conjunction with the Hollowood Film Fair currently going on at the site.

Sunday, Zombies (as extras in the film?) are getting a chance to be in scenes in the movie including a reported karaoke zombie attack. The Feasting Hall may never be the same...

So, if you want to get a sneak peak at Festival Park before the renaissance festival, here's your chance. Details on the Hollowood Film Fair may be found on the producer's e-Bay store here:

Hollowood Film Fair

They consider Festival Park to be a "backlot" for film productions in Iowa, so this may just be the start of independent films there...

Wednesday, August 8 2007

8:15 PM - Welcome, Boars Head Leather! (posted by Webmaster)
One of our visiting Main Street merchants, Boars Head Leather, has provided their description. Check it out on the merchants page!

Tuesday, August 7 2007

4:49 PM - Welcome, Kids with Fire. (posted by Webmaster)
Another act added to the line up - Kids with Fire. Check out the details on the Entertainment page.

Monday, August 6 2007

9:33 PM - About page updated. (posted by Webmaster)
The "about" page has been restructure, and now includes event description from the 2007 handouts.

8:56 PM - More entertainment added... (posted by Webmaster)
Another batch of entertainers and demonstrators has been added to the Entertainment page, including: Westside Re-Enactors, Oakwood FOrge, Greywolf Forge, Highland Rope-Maker, Lady Elizabeth Davidson, Shaylee, Siren Stefanie D'Flute, Sara the Silk Artist, Sherwood Spinster, Mother Earth, the Pillory Police, Florentine Opera Ladies, Nuptial Ceremonies, and Viking Boffer Battles. (A few of these were there before, but their description has been added or expanded.)

Sunday, August 5 2007

11:18 AM - New Performer Spotlight: Orckes & Trolles (posted by Webmaster)
This week's performer spotlight is the Des Moines-based Orckes & Trolles madrigal group. Check out the entertainment page and read more about this act, which has been a fixture at Iowa-area events for 15 years.

11:17 AM - New Merchant Spotlight: Fyne Hats by Felicity (posted by Webmaster)
This week's merchant spotlight is Fyne Hats by Felicity. Check out the "Shopping" (vendors) page and check it out.

11:09 AM - Grape stomping by Summerset Winery (posted by Webmaster)
We've just received news that our Summerset Winery folks are planning a grape stomping demonstration each day of the festival. This will be held at their wine pavilion.

10:54 AM - Website issues. (posted by Webmaster)
Apologies for the website issues experienced between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Our account needed to be moved to another location with more room. Once the dust settles, everything should be back to normal, with more room to expand and grow.

Friday, August 3 2007

10:19 PM - Advertise in the DMRF Show Guide! (posted by Webmaster)
Although first placement goes to Festival Park merchants, there will be additional spaces available for outside advertisers in this year's Des Moines Ren Faire show guide. This larger newspaper-format handout will be made available to all festival visitors. Display ads start at $50. If you are interested, you can find details here:

Wednesday, August 1 2007

4:59 PM - Welcome Wrapsody, Legends of Sherwood, Barony of Coeur D'ennui, Kissing Booth Wenches... (posted by Webmaster)
Click the Entertainment link up at the top of any page of this site and check out the latest updates! Full descriptions have been added for almost all the acts that will be joining us, so now is a great time to get to know the types of things we'll have at the festival. And, as the entertainment director said, "to be continued..."

6:06 AM - Video Journal #41 posted. (posted by Webmaster)
A new video journal, recorded on July 31, has been posted to the Podcast Videos page. If you are subscribed to this video podcast via iTunes or other podcast download software, you will automatically receive it. Else, check out the website page, where you can view it on This journal covers some of the new construction and landscaping at Festival Park.