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August 2013

Friday, August 30 2013

9:28 AM - Show Guide now available. (posted by Webmaster)
We posted the entertainment schedule/show guide last night (and it's already had one more change this morning), so if you want a head start in planning your weekend, download the PDF file from the Entertainment page. (Note there may still be more changes, so it is a good idea to check with the ones they are handing out at the gate.)

A few more last minute visiting merchants have been added, too (not listed on the website yet, either). And, best of all, the weather is looking much more pleasant (at least for Sunday and Monday) than originally expected.

Wear sunscreen! (Else, our Forget-Me-Not vendor will have some for sale.)

Thursday, August 29 2013

3:12 PM - New food for 2013 (posted by Webmaster)
Some of the food places are changing this year (not even updated on the website yet). One notable instance is the addition of Mexican food, Corona and margaritas. (We tried to get people to eat period correct food from the 1500s but that didn't work out too well, so we also have corn dogs and funnel cakes.) A few other food locations are moving around this year. The website will be updated as soon as we can.

Wednesday, August 28 2013

10:57 AM - Casey's $2 OFF coupons. (posted by Webmaster)
Our street team has been hard at work trying to get $2 OFF coupons out at various locations around Des Moines the past few days. There is a thread on our Facebook page where they have been posting notes about which locations have them.

If you are having problems locating the $2 OFF coupons, stay tuned. We will try to update on Friday to make sure you have a way to get them on your way to the festival.

Monday, August 26 2013

6:18 PM - Entertainment updated... and more. (posted by Webmaster)
There should be nightly updates to the website this week. The Entertainment page has been updated, and a photo of this year's souvenir mugs/cups has been added to the Souvenir page. And more...

And Sauboo the War Troll is back with us for the first weekend only. He has visited us once or twice, but many may remember him from his many years appearing at Salisbury Faire at Water Works Park. Be sure to come out opening weekend and drop off any bad children that need to eaten.

Sunday, August 25 2013

11:08 PM - Mermaid spotted! (posted by Webmaster)
The Blue Rose Mermaid was seen this past weekend at the Midlands Pirate Festival near Omaha, Nebraska, and the weekend before at the Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival in Clear Lake, Iowa. The pirates who are "hosting" her will be "bringing" her to "visit" at the upcoming Des Moines Renaissance Faire. If your kids have ever wanted to meet a live mermaid and ask her questions, this will be the chance. Photos and more information on the Blue Rose Mermaid and other new items for 2013 will be posted here and to our Facebook page throughout the week.

Wednesday, August 14 2013

12:20 PM - 2013 TV Ad (posted by Webmaster)

Tuesday, August 13 2013

5:43 AM - Note From the Director (posted by Webmaster)
How can it be that after all of these years (11 with 8 of them at Canterbury-on-Sherwood) I can still get excited about presenting another DES MOINES RENAISSANCE FAIRE? It depends mostly on whether or not we found some new and truly interesting entertainment to bring to the stages and lanes. Well, our talent coordinator (Lynne Melssen) has not only found new shows to present, but you'll also get to meet fun characters who'll be in the lanes.

As far as our merchant and artisan village goes, there will be more than ten new faces and product lines greeting you from shop doorways.

Plus, the children will get to try their hands at the Little Green Dragon Pond (to win prizes) and see the amazing new bubble machine donated by our 2012 'Friend of the Faire' Fred Loveridge. These are just two examples of something fresh and new for families to enjoy.

Fred isn't done with us, yet. He also has brought us a large new water fountain that will grace the village Main Street. Along with that -- look for a variety of landscaping and visual design enhancements.

Even the food court will see new items on the vast menu of outstanding foods and drinks (that have made us famous with Ren foodies since year one). Of course, most of these items will be found only at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire and not at any other events in the metro.

So, to begin your quest for adventure this year, please look at everything the website has for information. There will now be up-dates almost every day with fresh news and genuine festival surprises.

Get a big company group together and take advantage of our group discounts at the gate. And remember -- that if you were to see each of these main stage acts and village lane comedians in their individual show setting (theater, coffee house, stand-up comedy club, night club, music venue or concert hall) you would be paying about $350 in admission tickets.

Huzzah! for the Renaissance Faire - - a showcase of historic, edutainment, cultural and family fun pleasure in a safe but alluring environment that creates photo op memories, never to be forgotten. All for the same price of a 2-hour movie and popcorn.

Company Director.
Gregory Schmidt