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August 2014

Saturday, August 30 2014

9:19 PM - SIX MORE DAYS TO GO! (posted by Webmaster)
Day one was a surprising success considering the rain and poor weather we had leading up to opening. Even with the loads of sand brought in to dry the paths, there were still plenty of soggy mud puddles around the village, but our visitors lined up to buy tickets, and lined up to buy home made root beer, and lined up to see the joust and... By the end of the day, there were many patches of former mud that was now just slightly damp. This was a far leap from our first few opening years were we seemed to have rain all seven days and raced boats down the middle of our Royal Food Court. (Photos on from 2006 will show you how things looked back then, when Canterbury-on-Sherwood was made up of mud and wood chips and some shiny new buildings... We didn't even have the restroom building that first year, or the row of merchant shops at the far end.)

On Sunday, we will do it all again, and we will repeat this on Labor Day Monday as well. Come out and join us for two more days of "Knights and Royals" at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire!

Friday, August 29 2014

9:24 PM - Opening day! (posted by Webmaster)
Things are almost ready. Our Saturday will start at the crack of dawn, preparing the lanes for visitors (sand, gravel and other things to take care of the rain). We have a news crew (KCCI?) coming out and doing doing some live remotes between 8am and 9am with our Queen. The Torture Chamber Tour is ready to go. Food merchants are getting all the condiments lined up and the new tavern location is figuring out it's new drink menu.

This is going to be a GREAT season! There is so much going on out there.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Thursday, August 28 2014

12:16 PM - Show guide now available! (posted by Webmaster)
The opening weekend show guide is now available for those who want to start planning. This *should* be the final version you will receive at the front gate, but last minute changes can (and have, and do) occur so always double check with the physical copy at the event.

DMRF 2014 Show Guide for Weekend 1

Wednesday, August 27 2014

7:14 PM - KCWI TV 23 (posted by Webmaster)
Tune in to KCWI TV 23 Thursday around 8:20am to hear the latest DMRF info from producer Greg Schmidt.

5:02 PM - Coupon update. (posted by Webmaster)
The DMRF Street Team is making another pass through the metro to restock Casey's locations (let us know if yours is out). Coupons will be in Ankeny shortly, and someone will have them at the Valley Junction Farmer's Market as well as the Merle Hay Farmer's Market. If you see them, say hi and pick one up!

Tuesday, August 26 2014

7:27 PM - Schedule and Press Release updated. (posted by Webmaster)
Keep checking this site (or Facebook, Google+, etc.) for the latest news... The tentative entertainment schedule has now been posted, as well as the press release that was sent out to hundreds of media outlets.

11:36 AM - Military Discount (posted by Webmaster)
Military Discount: $4.00 off active military and their spouses and children ages 13 and older (children under the age of 12 are already discounted) on Sundays.

Monday, August 25 2014

7:18 PM - Entertainment updated. (posted by Webmaster)
Entertainment has been posted for all three weekends, and the schedule and show guide may be available online later this week.

2:35 PM - Weekend 1 of 3 entertainment. (posted by Webmaster)
Here is a list of entertainment you can see this weekend. The website will be updated tonight.

On Stage:

Bawdy Bucaneers
Danza Mystique
Have Court, Will Travel
Jester Puppets
Joust Evolution
Lord Drake Magic
Mixed Doubles
Oberon Faeries
Orkes & Trolles
Sassypants Sisters
Sir Mark Logsdon, THE Escapeologist
William & Blackjack
Warwick Living History

In the Lanes:

Firemoon the Faerie
Forking Queen
Giovanni, the Courtly Courtier
Katia, the Blue Rose Mermaid
Siren Stefanie d'flute

Other Fun:

Ace of Blades knife throwing
Humiliation for Hire - stocks
Legends of Sherwood Archery
Warwick Boffer Ring

Sunday, August 24 2014

9:47 PM - 2014 Lodging Sponsors (posted by Webmaster)
We'd like to welcome back the following returning lodging sponsors (including Sterling, which was new last year). If you will be visiting our village over the next three weekends, and you are in need of a place to stay, we hope you will consider some of these Faire-supporting establishments:

Best Western Altoona Inn *
300 34th Ave NW
Altoona, IA 50009
(515) 967-2400 (6.0 miles from DMRF)

Holiday Inn & Suites Northwest *
4800 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA 50322
(515) 278-4755 (14.9 miles)

Quality Inn & Suites *
4995 N.W. Merle Hay Rd.
Des Moines, IA 50322
(515) 278-2381 (15.0 miles)

Sleep Inn *
11211 Hickman Road
Urbandale, IA 50322
(515) 270-2424 (15.1 miles)

Sterling Hotel & Suites *
11428 Forest Ave
Clive, IA 50325
(515) 223-7700 (14.2 miles)

Thursday, August 21 2014

5:22 PM - TV Ad preview. (posted by Webmaster)

Wednesday, August 20 2014

9:26 PM - $2 OFF coupons. (posted by Webmaster)
Coupons are not at Casey's in Carlisle, Clive, Urbandale, Waukee Norwalk and West Des Moines, in addition to the original locations of Altoona, Bondurant, Mitchellville, Pleasant Hill as well as Monroe, Newton, Marshalltown, Tama and points in between. If they are out, they should be restocked Monday or Tuesday. Thanks, DMRF street team (Kevin, Lauri, and others).

Tuesday, August 19 2014

2:07 PM - Discount coupons at Casey's (posted by Webmaster)
Coupons are now at Casey's in Altoona, Bondurant, Mitchellville, Pleasant Hill, Monroe, Newton, Marshalltown, Tama and points in between, with more to be added. We will post updated locations to this news page, and also Facebook. Thanks to Kevin and the DMRF street team for getting the coupons out.

Thursday, August 14 2014

12:52 PM - Discount tickets now on sale! (posted by Webmaster)
We have online ticket sales this year. For those who wish to buy tickets using credit/debit cards, this is how-- at the gate, they will be full price and cash only. (Many merchants accept credit cards, but not our ticket booth.)

Monday, August 4 2014

7:07 PM - 2014 information...soon! (posted by Webmaster)
We are waiting to get the final list of Entertainment and Vendors for the 2014 Des Moines Renaissance Faire. As soon as we have the details, the website will be updated. Be sure to check our Social links (bottom left of the scroll menu) and sign up to our e-mail list, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Updates will be posted there as soon as we have them.