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September 2009

Monday, September 28 2009

6:50 PM - 2010: 5th Year Anniversary! (posted by Webmaster)
We are already getting ready for the 2010 Des Moines Renaissance Faire, which will mark its fifth year at the Festival Park location. Stay tuned...

Friday, September 18 2009

9:49 PM - Final Weekend! Talk Like a Pirate Day (Saturday)! (posted by Webmaster)
This is it, folks! Year four of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire at it's permanent Festival Park location comes to an end THIS WEEKEND (September 19-20, 2009). Please show your support and help the event continue to grow!

See you there! Dress piratey and talk piratey!

Thursday, September 17 2009

9:19 PM - Virus alerts: McAfee SiteAdvisor says it's okay? (posted by Webmaster)
I'm still getting reports that people are seeing virus alerts when visiting this site, but we still don't have any specific details on just "what" virus it is. McAfee SiteAdvisor gives this site a clean bill of health:

McAfee Site Advisor for

...and does the "Security Check" link you can see at the bottom of each page on the site. Whatever is causing it, seems to be happening before you get to this actual site. If anyone can send me a screen shot of the alerts/pop-ups you get, that would be most helpful.

Wednesday, September 16 2009

7:20 PM - Renaissance Magazine visits the DMRF (posted by Webmaster)
This weekend, it looks like we will have a special visitor from Renaissance Magazine. They will be taking photos for future publication, so wear your best outfits and come join the fun!

Tuesday, September 15 2009

6:09 PM - Why visit the Des Moines Ren Faire? (video) (posted by Webmaster)
After closing on Sunday, September 13th, 2009, I took the video camera around to ask various festival merchants, performers and staff a simple question:

Why should someone come to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire?

The answers varied, but there was one underlying theme: FUN! (And yes, at the end, our event producer Greg is being silly...)

Monday, September 14 2009

4:35 PM - Dorlemagne's demos this weekend. (posted by Webmaster)
There seems to be far more going on inside Festival Park than even we know! Here is the listing of demonstrations and activities at Dorlemagne's, one of the newer shops at the festival. Their shop is located in the building near the back of the event, between Dragon Mine and the Mud Pen (also home of the "living tree house" behind the shop).


Saturday Demo/Workshop Schedule
10:30 Painting heraldic tiles (Free)
11:00 Felting & spinning wool (Free)
11:30 Growing culinary herbs (Free)
12:00 Making glass beads (Free)
1:00, The Three Horseshoes: (Free)
2:00, The Lives of Mary Read & Anne Bonney,
3:00 Real-Life Female Pirates
4:00 Make Your Own Earrings! ($10)
5:00 Make Your Own Woven Ring! ($10)

Sunday Demo/Workshop Schedule
10:30 Make Your Own Woven Ring! ($10)
11:30 Make Your Own Earrings! ($10)
1:00, The Three Horseshoes: (Free)
2:00, The Lives of Mary Read & Anne Bonney,
3:00 Real-Life Female Pirates
4:00 Felting & spinning wool (Free)
4:30 Painting heraldic tiles (Free)
5:00 Making glass beads (Free)
5:30 Growing culinary herbs (Free)

* A demo is a free demonstration showing one of the many arts and crafts created during the Renaissance. A workshop is a hands-on opportunity for a fairegoer to make and take an item; the fee covers cost of materials and use of tools.

7:40 AM - Virus alerts: Any since 9/10-9/11? (posted by Webmaster)
Our webserver techs claim to have done some things to try to blog the bogus virus alerts (which are not coming from files on this site) last Friday. If anyone has seen any alerts since then (they suggest visitors clear their browser cache), please let me know. Also, if you see one, and could e-mail me a screen shot of the alert, that would be most helpful. (No one has yet figured out the source of these alerts.)

Sunday, September 13 2009

12:47 PM - A video visit to the Des Moines Ren Faire... (posted by Webmaster)
The "a day At The Faire: Des Moines Renaissance Faire 2009" video series has been announced with the following video teaser posted to YouTube and the iTunes video podcast feed:

Friday, September 11 2009

9:33 AM - Bogus "virus alerts." (posted by Webmaster)
Some site visitors have been reporting seeing "virus alerts." If you see anything called AVCARE, do not agree to it. It is a scam, and is not coming from this site. The site techs have done two complete scans of files on this site and server and have found no malware or issues, and external site scans have also found no problem. No one seems to know what the source of these pop ups is, but it seems to be infected PCs (no Mac users have yet to report seeing the pop ups).

At the bottom of each page of this site is a "Security Check" link you can click, which will have the web page scanned for certain types of issues. If you find any legitamate issues, please report them to the webmaster here so we can look in to them.

Let me know: 1) what operating system you use (XP, etc.). 2) who your internet provider is (MSN from Qwest DSL, mediacom, AOL dialup, etc.). That should help us find a pattern.

I wish I had some information, but it seems to be an issue somewhere between the visitor's PCs and here.

Thursday, September 10 2009

6:52 PM - Entertainment schedule for weekend two posted. (posted by Webmaster)
The entertainment schedule has been posted for the 2nd weekend of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire (Sept 12-13, 2009). Each day will feature over 34 hours of scheduled stage slots, up from 29 hours per day opening weekend.

You can find it posted here:

Some last minute changes could still occur so make sure to pick up a printed copy at the front gate when you visit.

Season Passes ($30) are still available, so if you wish to attend all four remaining days ($7.50 per day), be sure to ask about them at the front gate (or call Sleepy Hollow Sports Park at 515-262-4100).

Please come out and join us! With your continued support, the event can continue to expand each year. This year, a roof was added to the Village Marketplace, a concrete floor was added to the Wassail Feasting Hall, and shade coverings were added to the Minstrel Stage and the Merryfield Children's Stage. Landscaping improvements were also done.

Some hidden gems:

At the back of the festival, check out the "secret garden" -- enter through the second shop from the left (Dory's).

Young children may have fun participating in the free treasure hunt. Look for the booth at the Village Marketplace and pick up a sheet of questions, and if you can answer them all, you get a prize from their booty box.

The new Bavarian Cafe has imported German beer, and imported German meets and even some stronger adult beverage offerings.

And lastly ... has posted a teaser to an upcoming video series about this year's event:

Tuesday, September 8 2009

6:30 PM - Merchant photos updated! (posted by Webmaster)
The merchant photos have all been updated with images taken from 2009. Take a look! It's a much greener place than it was just a year or two ago!

Sunday, September 6 2009

3:40 PM - SEASON PASSES still available! (posted by Webmaster)
Season Passes to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire are selling better than ever this year, and even with the first two days gone, they are still a great value for those who want to check out each weekend. Normal single day adult admission is $16. A two day pass lowers that to $11.50/day ($23), but the season pass for all seven days of the faire is only $4.29/day ($30).

So, if you plan to visit Labor Day for the end of Celtic Weekend, then return September 12 or 13 to check out Romance Weekend, then once again to see Pirate Weekend on September 19 (Talk Like a Pirate Day) or 20, the price of the season pass saves $18 per adult over buying an individual ticket each weekend.

A season pass can also make the experience more relaxed! Once you have a season pass, you can drop by the faire for a few hours to catch a show or two and grab a bite to eat, then leave and return later that day, or the next day -- without every having to worry about getting it all in during one visit to get your money's worth.

And if you get just a single day pass, and like what you see and wish you had purchased a two day or season pass, stop by the ticket booth on the way out and ask them about upgrading. Tell them the DMRF webmaster said it was okay :-)

Saturday, September 5 2009

7:46 PM - 2009 Day 1 complete. Huzzah! (posted by Webmaster)
Webmaster checking in... Day one of the 2009 Des Moines Renaissance Faire has concluded, which means ONLY SIX DAYS LEFT! So, this weekend and the next two weekends is your last chance to experience the 2009 event.

I must say, I am quite impressed with the improvements at Festival Park this year. The Wassail Feasting Hall has a new concrete floor which is much nicer than the dirt and wood chips of the past three years (and if it rains, it will be even nicer).

The Village Marketplace (Guild Hall) has a new permanent roof covering it, and has been reorganized this year with more of a "walk through" design.

A big surprise was SHADE over the Merryfield Children's Stage AND the Minstrel Stage -- finally, some escape from the sun on hotter days! It increased audience levels at both stages.

And, overall, the park looks the best it's ever looked with many new plantings, climbing vines, trees maturing and so many more colorful details that were missing when the event opened in 2006.

No surprise, but the new reduced price season pass ($30 for all seven days) seems to be a big hit, so we expect many repeat visitors this year. It is a great value -- and allows you to visit for a few hours on various days rather than feeling you need to "see everything" on a one day pass.

Speaking of seeing everything ... good luck! This weekend, each day has over FIFTY HOURS of stage scheduled acts, and even more the next two weekends. How much can you see in one day?

Also new this year: TREASURE HUNT! Let your kids pick up a treasure list and if they can answer all the questions they get to pick a pirate trinket out of the treasure chest. Fun!

What's in store for tomorrow? Come find out!

Friday, September 4 2009

4:04 PM - More media mentions... (posted by Webmaster)
Des Moines Regsiter says "Get over it: Food-on-a-stick days are gone" and speaks with one of the faire's new food merchants.

Sophia & Jess muse about the faire being one of "the best events."

Wednesday, September 2 2009

5:56 PM - DMRF in Des Moines Register, and one of our wenches, too. (posted by Webmaster)
The Des Moines Register has listed the Des Moines Renaissance Faire as one of the "13 ways to say goodbye to summer." Meanwhile, over in the DM Juice magazine, one of the members of the Vexing Vixens gets to sell us all "What I'm Into." See the Publicity page for links to the online versions.

5:55 PM - Entertainment and Souvenirs updated... (posted by Webmaster)
There have been updates to the Entertainment page as well as the Souvenir page today.