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September 2010

Sunday, September 19 2010

7:38 PM - Year five down! Thank you for attending! (posted by Webmaster)
Year five of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire at Festival Park has now concluded. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event (especially those who joined us on the final rainiest weekend). Please help us improve the event for next year. In the left scroll menu on this site you will find a link that says "Help Us Improve: 2010 Feedback Form." Please take a few moments to fill this out and let us know what you liked, and would like to see more of next year.

Up next at Festival Park ... NEW SURPRISES for Sleepy Hollow's Haunted Scream Park! See for details, soon.

And if you missed Pirate weekend, or just can't get enough, we leave you with this... September 25-26 just a two hour sail away in Omaha, Nebraska will be the Midlands Pirate Festival. It is a smaller "soft" event (mostly tents, not a full time festival location), but should give you a piratey fix if you need a bit more this year.

They even used Festival Park as the location for their TV ad, which I will include here (see how many of our merchants you recognize -- many shown in this ad will be in Omaha next weekend):

Saturday, September 18 2010

10:01 PM - Talk Like a Pirate Day! (posted by Webmaster)
Sunday, September 19th, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and also the final day of the 2010 Des Moines Renaissance Faire! Come on out! This is a rain or shine event, and on Saturday during the moments of "liquid sunshine" folks gathered in merchant buildings, or were entertained in the covered Feast Hall or Viking Pavilion. Even the jousts went on as scheduled! Huzzah to all the entertainers who went the extra mile to prove once again that "the show must go on!"

If you can join us Sunday, please do so! If the forecast looks drizzly, bring a rain poncho or umbrella and we promise to do our best to show you a great time.

If you visited us this season, please send in your comments/feedback so we can know how to improve the event for 2011!

And, be sure to sign up to our mailing list or Twitter or Facebook for the latest news -- including an update on what will happen NEXT (details posted Sunday night most likely).

See you Sunday!

Tuesday, September 14 2010

5:49 AM - Wedding Proposal at the Faire (posted by Webmaster)

Monday, September 13 2010

8:53 PM - TV ad: Old Spice, eat your heart out! (posted by Webmaster)
With apologies to Old Spice, we now present out parody/tribute whirlwind ad, recorded this past Saturday:

Sunday, September 12 2010

8:03 PM - Five days down, two more to go! Pirate weekend! (posted by Webmaster)
An amazingly pleasant day today rounded off the second weekend of the 2010 Des Moines Renaissance Faire. For those that attended, thank you! Please take a moment to fill out a Feedback/Comment form on this website so we can learn what you liked, dislike, and would want to see next time!

And to get you ready for the final weekend, one of our new TV ads...

Saturday, September 11 2010

7:50 PM - Day 4 of 7 complete! (posted by Webmaster)
The first day of "Britons, Scots and Irish" weekend is complete, and it was a great and busy day. New acts have been rotated in for this weekend, a Scottish themed mini golf course is set up near the castle, and the sun was shining all day. There was even a marriage proposal during closing gate! And it seems she said yes (video coming to YouTube soon).

We also worked on a new TV commercial, which should be posted online by Sunday...

So, come out! Only three more days of festival left this year (Sunday, then next weekend).

Oh, and NEW T-SHIRTS are available at Forget Me Not at the back of the park. They have the logo on the front, and on the back is a listing of all the DMRFs to date -- and they even give you a marker so you can get autographs and check off which ones you went to (kinda looks like a concert T-shirt, in a way). Snag them up!

Friday, September 10 2010

6:59 PM - Weekend weather forecast...! (posted by Webmaster)
Huzzah! Although "zero percent" would be better, Saturday's forecast only calls for a 10% change of rain. Friday evening, some merchants were on site getting their shops ready to open the next morning. Visiting merchant Fox Hollow Renaissance (clothing) was even taking time to do some painting on the insides of their shop space.

Festival Park staff is gearing up to spread gravel around Saturday morning to take care of walkways that might accumulate puddles overnight. As with all outdoor events after some rain, wear appropriate footgear. Our Sherwood Forest/Pirate's Cove area is all natural and contains actual earth paths ;-)

After last weekend's crowds had parking spread all over the place, your friendly DMRF webmaster would like to encourage folks to carpool when possible. The more folks in fewer cars, the closer we can all park (and perhaps show up early, for the closest spots).

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the lodge at Sleepy Hollow at 515-262-4100. They should be able to get you to someone involved with the Renaissance Faire to answer questions.

And men, this is the one place and weekend in the year when you can wear your kilt out in public and no one will call it a skirt. Just saying.

Wednesday, September 8 2010

9:05 PM - New TV Ad (posted by Webmaster)

7:54 PM - History of the Des Moines Ren Faire (posted by Webmaster)
In honor of five years at Festival Park, a new "History / Expansion" page has been created (see the link in the left scroll menu). Take a look back at major changes over the past five years, then go further and learn about the three events BEFORE Festival Park that were held under the name of "Des Moines Renaissance Faire" at Water Works Park and the Iowa State Fairgrounds. (Of note, check out the first photo, showing Canterbury Square today with greenery, and then see the one from 2006, when mud and wood chips was in vogue!)

8:47 AM - Military discount / Casey's coupons... (posted by Webmaster)
A few quick words on some of the discounts the faire is offering this year:

There is a miltary discount! It covers the service person AND can be used on their spouse. (Children are already discounted for everyone.)

Casey's General Stores have coupons, but only those in the nearby area (Polk County, basically).

Des Moines metro area Hy-Vee stores have tickets available in advance, at a discount. Bonus tip: If you have your ticket already, you won't need to stand in a long line in the morning to get in!

And if you have a large group, contact Sleepy Hollow Sports Park (515-262-4100, ask for Mary if she is there) and inquire about group discounts -- save a bundle on a busload!

And remember, parking is only $1 no matter how many folks you stuff in the car, so carpool to the Faire and save some bucks for your group to use tipping performers at the Faire ;-)

And lastly, unreleated, be sure to sign up to the DMRF e-Mailing List (link in the left scroll menu), follow DMRF on Twitter (@dmrenfaire), or Friend DMRF on Facebook. There are more events that happen at Festival Park during the year (up next: Halloween fun!).

Tuesday, September 7 2010

6:43 PM - Weekend 2 entertainment schedule in progress... (posted by Webmaster)
For those who like spoilers, the entertainment grid for Weekend Two is now in progress (link from the Entertainment page). It will no doubt change many times between now and Thursday night, but it is provided early so acts and others may comment on it and make suggestions.

Saturday, September 4 2010

11:07 PM - Opening day photos! (posted by Webmaster) has posted over 800 photos taken opening day of the 2010 Des Moines Renaissance Faire. You will find a direct link to that site form our Photos page... If anyone else posts public galleries of photos from the event, let our webmaster know and we may link to your gallery, too.

5:53 PM - Day 1 complete! (posted by Webmaster)
Thank you for joining us for opening day of the 2010 season of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire! Special thanks to all of you who stayed until closing, and got to be potentially be in our upcoming TV commercial!

The Festival Park grounds look amazing this year, which is a testament to all the hard work the folks at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park put in to cleaning up the site after the flooding last month. There is more greenery and plant life than ever before, and some new cosmetic additions around the park. You can't even tell that just a few weeks ago, much of the site was under water (ask some merchants to show you the water lines in their buildings!).

Six more days remain -- so tell all your friends, or ask about upgrading your ticket to a season pass where you can go all seven days for one low price!

We hope to see you again! More updates later!

11:06 AM - Weekend 1 in progress! (posted by Webmaster)
Come on out, 10am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Friday, September 3 2010

6:46 PM - Tomorrow is the day! (posted by Webmaster)
Tomorrow is the day... The 8th time a "Des Moines Renaissance Faire" has opened, and the fifth time for one held at Festival Park. We really hope to see as many of you there as possible -- it would be very nice to set a record breaking attendance opening day.

Keep in mind, tomorrow (Saturday) is the ONLY time during the 7 days this year that you will be able to see the "Italian Bakers Food Fight" spectacle.

The festival site is alive with activity as final decorations are being put up, merchants set up shops, stages are prepared, and food vendors get things ready for tomorrow's crowds.

And we do it all for you and your family, so please come see us!

Thursday, September 2 2010

5:00 PM - Another entertainer added... (posted by Webmaster)
The Hapsburg Princess Pahmeallia - Astounding Feats and Stories is a fun interactive display of "PP's" daily encounters at the Faire, including dance, songs, and music, with the help of her young audience. Tea Time is an improv setting allowing the Hapsburg Princess Pahmeallia to interact with the crowd over tea allowing the masses access to royalty, and to address topics of the faire day/time.

9:31 AM - Five years ago today... (posted by Webmaster)
Five years ago today, at 10 a.m. on September 2nd 2006, Festival Park opened to the public with the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. Other events followed, including the Iowa Pumpkin Festival, Hollowood Film Festival, Wild West Music Fest, and this year's Veins, Steins and Stills beverage event.

See the "About / History" page a look back at previous Renaissance Faires and themes over the years...

Remember to follow "dmrenfaire" on Twitter, or find us on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 1 2010

6:18 PM - KCCI interview on DMRF (posted by Webmaster)
Check out Sleepy Hollow's Max (where'd his hair go?) at KCCI recently:

Event Preview - Des Moines Ren Faire on KCCI