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September 2012

Sunday, September 16 2012

8:58 PM - FEEDBACK WANTED (posted by Webmaster)
Huzzah! We still have to let the dust settle, but this may have been a record breaking year at Festival Park (it certainly had some record breaking days for various merchants, and some days that did a great job filling our parking lot). Thank you for your support!

Your thoughts and comments about this year's festival are needed to help us improve it next year.

What did you like? What did you not like? What did you want that wasn't there? What act or character did you think was great and worth having back? Who would you rather not see again? Who had the best food? Or your least favorite food?

Let us know! Your comments get forwarded off to the event producers and site owners and many others. Thanks!

2012 Feedback Forms

Saturday, September 15 2012

9:13 PM - Final Day! Sunday 16th! (posted by Webmaster)

Sunday the 16th is the FINAL DAY of the 2012 Des Moines Renaissance Faire! Hundreds of visitors even showed up in pirate costume on Saturday -- you could definitely tell it was a pirate invasion! And, the pirate version of the torture chamber was a big hit, so if you come out, hit it as soon as you get there to avoid a long line later in the day.

Friday, September 14 2012

1:09 AM - New Pyrate's Keepe torture chamber tour! (posted by Webmaster)
We just finished setting up a new version of our torture chamber tour, this time themed for pirate weekend. After the success of last weekend's Celtic overlay, we have gone a bit further this time and tried to do a tour with a rather different feel... it should be perfect for the weekend!

Be sure to check it out! The entrance is on the left side of the castle. Five minute guided tours depart every three minutes, and it's free!

Monday, September 10 2012

6:01 AM - Feedback wanted! (posted by Webmaster)
Feedback is appreciated from those who visited the event during either weekend so far. Here is the link for this past weekend ("Scots, Britons & Irish"):

Weekend 2 Feedback Form

(And yes, those were Haggis flavored potato chips you saw at the A Celtic Tradition booth in the Village Marketplace.)

Saturday, September 8 2012

7:06 PM - A Celtic torture chamber? (posted by Webmaster)
Weekend two is in full swing, as the Scots, Britons and Irish invaded Canterbury-on-Sherwood today for our some Celtic fun. We have new merchants, such as A Celtic Tradition (a local Des Moines shop) -- they have Haggis flavored potato chips. There were also plenty of kilts all over the village!

3 Pints Gone returns for some great pub sings, five times a day, and Cecil's Harp was there with music and Scottish dance. It was quite the lively day.

Our Torture Chamber museum tour got altered this weekend, so you can go through it again and experience a rather different narration. Be sure to check it out.

Crazy Boy Coy continued to be a big hit, doing stunts like juggling a bowling ball, flaming torch and apple while balanced on a huge rubber ball. We also had the return of the Sons of the Mist at the Castle stage, and Kids with Fire. (Those who missed them last weekend can come out Sunday and catch them.)

The times for the joust have been adjusted with the first joust happening earlier in the day. There were standing room only crowds at each one.

The event continues tomorrow, Sunday the 9th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Come out and join the fun! When else can you wear your kilt and be in such great company?

Thursday, September 6 2012

10:36 PM - Weekend 2 schedule complete. (posted by Webmaster)
Weekend 2's entertainment handout is done (unless there are any more changes made to it by tomorrow morning). You can find linked from the Entertainment page of this website.

Tuesday, September 4 2012

1:31 PM - Feedback wanted! (posted by Webmaster)
Weekend one has concluded. If you attended, please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts on the event. We use this information to improve the event for the next two weekends. (For example, the additional decorations on the bridge came directly from comments last year on the feedback form.)

Weekend 1 Feedback Form

Saturday, September 1 2012

7:48 PM - One down... Six more to go! (posted by Webmaster)
Opening day of the 2012 Des Moines Renaissance Faire has concluded. It was a sunny day with no rain, which is great after all the times in past years we've had more than enough "liquid sunshine."

There are some new faces this year -- with merchant shops swapping out after the retirement of our founding merchant, The Scots Dragon, last year. We also have some different food lineups, including the conversion of the former Viking Pavilion (which sold buffalo) in to an Italian place. The inside decorations and quite different now.

Crazy Boy Coy and Moltov the Gypsy have been sharing the main castle stage, doing plenty of things that most of us can't do (or wouldn't want to do) from fire breathing, to amazing balancing acts or things done with balloons I'd rather not describe in this posting.

Some gypsies have taken over our wagon and given it a nice new set of steps and inside floor covering, too. There seems to be plenty of small enhancements throughout the park.

If you visited today, please take a moment to give your feedback -- look for the feedback link on the bottom of the scroll menu on the left of this page.

We will be open the rest of this weekend (including Labor Day Monday) and the next two weekends, so come on out, and by all means, feel free to bring your friends.