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September 2014

Monday, September 15 2014

6:36 PM - Thank you! (posted by Webmaster)
We would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's Des Moines Renaissance Faire one of the best ever! We will soon begin the fountain to opening day next year for the 10TH ANNIVERSARY at the Festival Park location.

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 12 2014

9:30 AM - Entertainment correction (posted by Webmaster)
I was just informed that PassFour Productions will not be able to join us this weekend. It is probably too late for us to update the show guide, so please be aware of this if you are attending specifically to see their show.

Monday, September 8 2014

9:56 AM - TWO MORE DAYS! Pirates and Wenches invade! (posted by Webmaster)
With five days down, and only TWO MORE to go, get ready to join us for our final weekend this year - Pirates and Wenches (9/13-9/14/2014). We will have some new acts joining us including:

Knotty Bits Sideshow - their performance resume is quite long (aerial acrobatics, fire eating, glass walking, bed of nails and similar sideshow displays, etc.) This will be one not to miss.

Bawdy Buccaneers - our own local pirate troupe will be have 10% more scurvy this weekend. They swish! They poke! The sing and tell jokes! But in all these years, they still haven't managed to get their ship out of dry dock.

Dead Pirate Comedy Show - the Dead Pirate Robert and his pirate sidekick return after their popular debut last year. This show features an undead reanimated talking skeleton (interactive animatronic, like those Disney attractions, but with PG-13 humor).

PassFour Productions - more swordplay, you say? Okay, we say.

Plus the return of...

Sassypants Sisters - new this year, this pirate wench comedy show is one you should not miss. And sit up front. It's funnier that way.

Crazy Boy Coy - likely our most requested act, he will be back for a second weekend of juggling and general balancing skills

Danza Mystique - our jingling gypsies (sometimes with fire, sometimes a sneak, and sometimes swords and board breaking) is ready to entertain.

Joust Evolution - three shows per day with horseback challenges in the morning, and jousts (to the death?) the rest of the day.

Jester Puppets - a recreation of a truly olde school puppet show.

Mixed Doubles - swords and comedy, comedy and swords. If you saw their altercation at closing gate this past Sunday, you can come back and see their full show this weekend.

Warwick Living History - set up between the jousting field and children's realm, they often have various demonstrations and will take the field a few times each day for some sword combat.

Blackjack and William - the village's favorite pet dragon returns, this time with his keeper, William, along to help with the story telling. If you ever wondered what a hundred adults looks like pretending to use imaginary swords, you obviously haven't seen William at closing gate.

Orckes & Trolles - Iowa's premier pub sing band is back, with fun songs and silliness.

Faerie Queen Titania and Court - next to Oberon's Treehouse you will find their faerie encampment. Wings are optional to visit.

And last, but certainly not least:

Have Court, WIll Travel - our highly praised royal court (people dig the outfits) is ready to knight your boys or make your girls in to ladies in waiting. They also do other presentations during the day.

Are we done? Sure, if you don't count the various entertainers roaming the lanes, such as:

The Marty Show - he visited us in past years as part of Tribal Circus, and this weekend you just may stumble in to a large ring of people watching Marty juggle flaming torches or razor sharp swords while balancing on a board while wearing a blindfold. It's a living. Tip heavily, as he is not getting paid to do this.

Evengard Improv - all the way from the port of Nebraska, these folks will be roaming around trying to make you part of their interactive improv comedy skits.

Firemoon the Faerie - only the pure of heart can see a faerie, of course, which makes her antics quite baffling to the pirates.

Katie the Blue Rose Mermaid - where else can you talk to a living mermaid? Or learn how to use a wishing stone?

Forking Queen - we aren't quite sure how to describe her, but do drop by her Kingdom of Dinnerdome.

Ivan the Russian - we hope he is bilingual.

Siren Stefanie d'flute - she will be roaming around playing tunes in the lanes throughout the weekend.

Albrect von Aachen - a renowned area minstrel playing instruments most of us do not recognize.

Plus many others. SO are we done yet?

The torture chamber will be getting its annual PIRATE THEME with new music, lighting and narration.

The daily archery and knife tossing tournaments will be held. Do you have what it takes to take home a prize?

And if that is not enough, let me leave you with one final item:


We'll see you there this weekend, September 13 and 14, 2014.

Sunday, September 7 2014

6:01 AM - THREE MORE DAYS TO GO! (posted by Webmaster)
Day two of our "Highlanders and Lucky Lasses" Celtic themed weekend continues today, which means you have only THREE more chances to visit us this year! The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday, with wonderful temperatures and dry paths through the village. Knowing our luck with bad weather over these past eight years, always take advantage of a good weather day to come play.

If you Use Facebook, be sure to check our page out there for tons of activity, photos and comments.

Thursday, September 4 2014

8:56 AM - Weekend 2 of 3 - what can you expect? (posted by Webmaster)
The Des Moines Renaissance Faire continues it's run weekends through September 14th.

Sept 6-7 - "Highlanders and Lucky Lasses"

Some of the different acts joining us this weekend include:

* 3 Pints Gone - the musical group people drive hours to see is back again
* Cecil's Harp - music and dance
* Clan Gunn - Scottish history, weaponry and flashy sword fighting (first time with us)
* Lala - the Celtic fiddler (roaming the lanes during the day)
* The Marty Show - we hear he is good at not dropping things (in the lanes)
* McCrakken Brothers - the Mad Scots are back with their zany golf challenge

And, by popular demand:

* CRAZY BOY COY - The juggler/fire breather/professional idiot returns to us with sideshow skills and flames.

Various merchants are also rotating out for the weekend. We will be joined by A Celtic Tradition (a Des Moines area Celtic shop), a new (larger) gypsy wagon for the Traveling Crafters, Outlandish Gypsy (in the original cart), SLS Marks, and others.

Midwestern Kilts will also be back for those that decide they want to dress up during the day.

Food is also evolving... During opening weekend, new items were tried out, such as banana splits (we are told they are historically accurate), SALAD in a bread bowl (really?), roasted nuts (almonds, pecans and cashews), snow cones, pizza bread, and various other items that are either new, or returning, or being offered at different locations.

We also sold more tickets Labor Day Weekend than we did the two previous Labor Day Weekends, so things are really looking up for the festival lately.

Come join us!
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DMRF Webmaster - Des Moines Renaissance Faire
First three weekends in September at Iowa's Festival Park.

Wednesday, September 3 2014

10:11 PM - Crazy Boy Coy and 3 Pints Gone this weekend! (posted by Webmaster)
I just got the schedule for this weekend, and noticed Crazy Boy Coy will be here. He was not posted to the website before tonight, so if you have been waiting for him to return, this is a great weekend to come see him.

Also, 3 Pints Gone is back in Des Moines! They have fans who drive for hours just to see them, so we are glad to be able to see them locally once again.

Check the Facebook page for regular updates. The schedule/show guide should be posted Thursday evening/night.

FOUR MORE DAYS of fun coming right up! Please come out and help us set some more records this year. The stronger an event we have in 2014, the more likely we can do something extra special for the 10th year anniversary of our village next year.

Monday, September 1 2014

7:21 AM - FIVE more days to go! (posted by Webmaster)
With the first Saturday and Sunday now in the past, we have today, Labor Day Monday as the only weekday the event operates. This is your only chance this year to see what the festival looks like on a Monday :)