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What People are Saying about the Des Moines Renaissance Faire


"Because it looked like more fun than the State fair. (and it was)" - Cory from Des Moines

"Season pass every year and we go every day!!" - Liz from West Des Moines

"The town was more developed than I remembered it (I think I went to the very first one.) Great job with permanent buildings! / Parking was great. I was surprised it was only a dollar!" - Nora from Webster City

"I loved it all!" - Mary from Des Moines

"Always enjoy the day, love introducing my daughter's friends and my nephews to the Faire" - Linda from Jefferson


"because I LOVE Ren Faire!!! I tend to look at the DMRF as my vacation each summer." - Joanna from Ankeny

"Had a great time during week two and couldn't resist coming back for another day." - Lisa from Des Moines

"I try to go every year, I enjoy the events. It is closer then driving 8 hours up and back to MN." - Glen from Ankeny

"I love the atmosphere, it is relaxing, fun and wonderful to play in character." - Linda from Des Moines

"I wanted to say that I loved the first weekend and plan to attend the remaining two. Crazy Boy Coy was hilarious. Angel and Egill know their armor and were so great to my kids! They truly educated my son to the point that he wants to learn to make chairman himself! My daughter adored spending time with the fire fairy and the fairy queen. Hammer and thread are excellent! The soup and ice cream shops were excellent! Please keep Coy, Angel, and Egill coming back and so will we!" Abby (and crew) from Osceola

"Hello!I just wanted to give you a grand Huzzah! ...and thank-you for your excellent website! It is a vast improvement from what it used to be! It's great having all the details, costs, events, etc. easy to browse ahead of time. Keep up the great work! I hope the crew continues to add elements with each year. It's amazing how nicely the whole event and atmosphere continues to grow with each year. Looking forward to heading out there later this weekend." - Michael

"The highlights of the kids day was digging for treasures in the sand, the kids costume contest, Crazy Boy Coy and especially the joust. We also spent way more time shopping than we planned to - the vendors had really delightful stuff and were all SO friendly! My only regret is that I didn't wear sunscreen :)" - Therese from Fairfield

"Even for being a rainy dreary day, there were still a lot of people in costume, people were in good moods and friendly, it was still very entertaining even soaking wet." - Richard and family from Ruthven

"Thumbs up:*LOVED the Kids with Fire. Hilarious!*Dragon Story*The weirdos in the woods were knowledgable about their crafts.*Orange fairy that does not talk.*Castle looks awesome." - Tammy from Des Moines

"This weekend we had pizzas. The pizza place is INCREDIBLE." - Kait from Indianola

"I was mostly impressed with the period buildings. The location has grown quickly in a short number of years." - Julie from Altoona

"found it all, but couldn't buy everything.. will continue in merchandising purchases in years to come!!! :oved the entertainment! didn't feel like i missed anything" - Joanna from Ankeny


Food Fight"It was fun and I'm glad that you have different themes for the different weekends." - Daniel from Waterloo

"The food fight was hilarious! Wish all the food vendors would have gotten involved and if the crowd could have participated, that would have been a show. For our first renaissance faire ever, we must have liked everything ..." - Ed & Elizabeth from Des Moines


Kid with Fire"Kids with fire is spectacular!! They were hilarious and the kids loved them!" - Angel from Des Moines

"...this was beyond anything I had expected. The location is amazing...and with the tree cover it would easy to imagine not being in DSM anymore. I didn't hear or even see a car once...and that was nice! Next year I wont be waiting till the last day to go now that I know what I am missing out on! Thank you again!" - Adam (and family) from Ottumwa


Tavern Wenches - Emma"We attended the faire on Saturday, and are going to go again next weekend. It was the first time. It was a great experience, and very impressive. We thought the fairies did a remarkable job, all day long. We got a particular "kick" out of Emma in the Tavern Wenches routine. It is apparent that she has a very accomplished singing voice, and we would love to experience her singing. Is she a local person and does she ever perform in a solo venue of any kind? Her comedic delivery was extremely enlightening and entertaining, as well. We enjoyed the flute player and all of those who were in costume. We are looking forward to taking friends to this fun event. Bless all of the people who have worked so hard to make this a really fine and enjoyable event. THANK YOU!" - Thomas A.

"Great time, we all had a blast and will be back." - Eric A. from Ames

Here are some of the comments we've received so far about past year's event from Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois:

Faery with Brynn"Today we attended the Faire in Des Moines for the first time and it was great fun. One of your Fairies danced with my little daughter, Brynn and she has been jabbering about it all evening. I don't know if you can get a picture to the girl, but will send one I took. She made a little girl's day." - Grant

"I had never been to a Ren Faire before, so I only have good things to say. I really enjoyed Joust Evolution, the Predators of the Sea, and the Scurvvy Dogs. In fact I have a wonderful picture of him at the closing doing his fire-eating. I enjoyed it very much, and I did not encounter a rude person all day! I had a great time." - Rachel from IllinoisScurvvy Dawgs

"Parking was great; attendants were very helpful and friendly!! I loved Sherwood Forest where you could see the craftspeople work" - Sandy in Nebraska

"Parking was not an issue this year al all, your attendants were on the ball" - Steve from North of Des Moines

"We had a good time considering it was so hot. We decided not to wear our costumes because of the heat. (had a previous problem with that at a different faire.) But we still had a lot of fun and there's nothing you can do about the weather!" - Susan from Waukee

"We all had a wonderful time. My friends made comments on how awesome of an idea to have our party there was, and they all had a great time. We threw around ideas to have our wedding anniversaries there. Everyone was so great in the characters and made us all have a memorable time and I won't forget anytime soon." - Rachel from Cedar Rapids

"OH MY GOODNESS, we were so impressed by the festival, that we already have marked on our calendar to come down again next year. You have surpassed our expectations!! We were there from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies and didnt have to repeat any activites. ... You have done an excellent job with the faire and hoping for continued success !!!!!! :)" - Melissa from Cedar Rapids

"Keep the Tavern wenches coming back ;) Especially that Emma....too cute and funny" - John in Des Moines

"Mother Nature was sweet and my girls liked the leaf necklaces. Singer Susan charmed our family with song. The pirate show was silly fun -RRR. The sound of the dulcimer made magic." - Becca in Des Moines

"I really had a wonderful time. The crowds were responsive, the weather was fantastic, and your festival is more organized and well run than any other I have been to." - Brent

"You have done a wonderful job with the faire and the grounds." - Clifford and Cara

"I loved going to the Renaissance faire this year so I'm just emailing you to tell you to keep me informed because I would like to join you're faire next year!!! I loved every minute I was there ..." - Lauren

"Finally, this is getting very close to the Bristol Renaissance Faire that I had attended many times... halleleuyah, there is something closer like it... ... I loved it that you had horses... the jousting and the pony rides... ... Anyway, you are on the right track..." - Edgar in Charles City (He also added "I noticed ALOT of Pirates references... but they aren't really renaissance, are they?" - While there were pirates/privateers much earlier, the popular 1700s-era pirates found at pretty much all renaissance festivals are, indeed, not truly renaissance, but they sure are fun!)

"A member of the royal court included us in a task to spy on certain members of the court... we didn't really understand but it was funny. The guy with the umbrella snuck up behind us and shouted "Free shade for hot women!'"Too funny! And of course the vikings that were dancing with the belly dancers had us in tears so they had to come harass us for thinking their dancing was funny. They were all perfecting in character, I loved that!" - Karlee in Des Moines (who also provided some excellent suggestions on improving landscaping and other items for future years)

"Love bagpipes, could use more" - Jim in Marshalltown (meanwhile, others wrote in encouraging less bagpipes ;-)

"The Wrapsody lass was an amazing talent...3 Pints Gone are fabulous...the Eastern sword dancer was incredible... ... We need more shaded areas so lets have a tree planting day after the Faire..." - JR in Des Moines (so more tree planting there shall be!)

"Reggie Greenlaw was fantastic! We also enjoyed Joust Evolution. Didn't see too many other scheduled acts, because we were having so much fun following [our neice] around and watching her interactions with your characters, who were all just great! We had a wonderful time and plan to attend for two weekends next year." - Josie in Boone

"The horse jousting was awesome and the vikings talking about the weapons and then demonstrating them were our favorites." - C in Mitchelville (who also provided some very excellent suggestions for future evolution of the event)

"Keep up the great work .We'll be back." - Larry in Grinnel

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